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Part Two: Islamic Jihad and the European Elections: The Dutch Skirmish and the Looming Battle of France

This glorious victory for Dutch multiculturalism and happy and grateful EU membership looks pretty shaky, if you examine the details of the Dutch election. First of all, Wilders’ PVV is now the second largest political party in the Netherlands. The PVV increased its seats from 15 in 2012 to 20 on March 15. Two other “rightist” parties bring the total to 25. This is far short of the number probably necessary to form a government, but such a gain was a long shot in this election.

However, there was some really bad news for Rutte and his governing coalition with the left-center Dutch Labor Party in this election. First of all, Rutte’s VVD lost 8 seats, falling from 41 in 2012 to 33, a whopping drop of nearly 20 percent. His center-left Dutch Labor Party allies came close to annihilation, losing 29 of its previous 38 seats, leaving the party only 9 seats in Parliament, dropping an astonishing 76 percent, Thus Rutte’s coalition, which totaled 79 seats, now only has 42 seats, a drop of 37 seats, a politically disastrous 47 percent. Surely, Dutch voters are signaling considerable dissatisfaction with the multiculturalist, pro-EU establishment.

Rutte may try to pull the center-right Christian Democrats with 19 seats, the centrist D66 Party with 19 seats, and the center-left Green-Left Party with 14 seats into his coalition. As with all such “moderate” and usually short-sighted coalitions, a strong enough response to stop the nightmare of Islamization, multiculturalism, political correctness laws, and overbearing EU influence on the future of the Netherlands is unlikely to occur until the social and economic chaos rises to painful levels. May their eyes be opened in time to save their people and heritage and prosper their country with freedom.

The Battle for France is already raging. The first round of French elections for President is April 23. If no one gets 50 percent, the runoff of the top two is on May 7. The two latest French polls taken by Ifop Fiducial March 12-15 and Cevipof Ipsos-Sopra Steria March 14-15 show immigration conservative and economic populist Marine Le Pen (Front National) leading with 27 percent of the vote, closely followed by pro-business, social liberal “centrist” Emmanuel Macron (En Marche) with 26 percent. Former Prime Minister, Francois Fillon (Republican), a “center-right” conservative is holding on at 18 percent despite an alleged scandal about paying relatives for “fake jobs.” Radical Socialist Benoit Hamon has 13 percent, and far left firebrand Jean-Luc Melenchon has 12 percent. The remaining four percent are undecided or considering minor candidates.

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Geert Wilders’ PVV is now the second largest political party in the Netherlands.

Marine Le Pen, like Geert Wilders of the Netherlands, is frequently compared to Trump; in fact, she called Trump’s victory “a sign of hope.” She was encouraged by “Brexit,” calling it “the most important event since the falling of the Berlin Wall.” She believes the EU must abandon its authoritarian character, or die. She also says, “Either the EU gives the French people back their territorial sovereignty, borders, control over their economy, control over their currency, and the superiority of their laws, or I will say to the French people that we should leave the EU. On another occasion she said, “The Euro is not a currency; it is a political weapon.”She rails against the French and EU establishments, saying: “I am on the side of patriotism, and many European leaders have been on the side of globalization.”

She stands out in France and the EU for her hard stance on immigration—she wants a drastic reduction, and she is unhappy with escalating immigrant crime and welfare costs. France has the highest percent of Muslims in Western Europe, possibly exceeding 10 percent and creating a formidable fifth column opposed to French social, cultural, and political traditions. Her positions on law and order are stronger than most French politicians, because she sees the desperate need to reverse the disintegration of French society. She is not as conservative on the French welfare system as many center-right Republicans but insists that jobs, welfare, housing, schools, and other public provisions should go to French nationals before “foreigners.” She is not generally as conservative on social issues as most center-right French politicians, but she is a hardliner on keeping France French. She describes the political divisions in Europe, not in terms of Left and Right, but in terms of populists versus globalists and the good of the people versus the special interests of the establishment. Nevertheless, the French media seldom fail to call her ‘controversial” and “far right,” implying she is a dangerous Hitlerian radical.

There is a time for moderate political leadership, but the growing stresses of massive immigration and the very real dangers of Islamization and its brutal realities are moving Western Europe to the edge of irreversible calamity. “Moderate” approaches to this threat have become synonymous with civilization-destroying accommodation and appeasement. The growing authoritarianism and multiculturalist fallacies of the European Union are a huge part of the problem and are of themselves suffocating freedom in Europe. Appeasement and accommodation do not stop bullying and tyranny. They invite the destruction of law, order, civilization, and life itself. Many media pundits believe the left and moderates will combine to defeat Le Pen in the final runoff. The future of France may be the future of the West.

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