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Buncombe County Republican Convention set for March 25

If you were registered Republican in Buncombe County prior to Feb. 1, you may vote for local party officials or just come to see how the process works at the Buncombe County Republican Convention held on Saturday, March 25 at A.C. Reynolds High School, 1 Rocket Drive, Asheville. Admission is free. Discover how you can help improve our nation, state, and county or meet local candidates and voters from your neighborhood.

Starting at 8:30 a.m. there will be convention registrations, raffles, breakfast sales, and sign-ups for various interests. At 9 a.m., each of Buncombe’s 80 precincts will meet in the auditorium to elect precinct officers. Any registered Republican in Buncombe is eligible to serve and can be elected at this meeting. Precinct duties include increasing interest and finding poll workers.

Other county candidates are then elected. Currently, for county chair, the candidates are Chuck Archerd, Fremont Brown, and Carl Mumpower. And for First Vice Chair, Gordon Farquhar and Bill Lack. There may be other nominations from the floor.

Volunteers are welcome, and can help with duties: write, call, assist with events, raise money, stuff envelopes, register voters, etc. Many opportunities are available for Trump Democrats, Independents, as well as, 828-253-5800, 828.337.4718.

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