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Dirty Harry’s New Year’s greeting to the Bundys


Larry Klayman explains chronology of feds’ case against Nevada ranchers

By Larry Klayman- Many of y’all know the story, but none of us as of yet knows the ending. In the spring of 2014, the federal government, led by Sen. Harry Reid’s (aka “Dirty Harry”) hand-picked head of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), who he not coincidentally had President Obama appoint, violently invaded the ranch of Cliven Bundy, his wife and his sons and daughters, with its army of armed federal agents and mercenaries, to throw the Bundys off the land they had ranched at Bunkerville, Nevada, for nearly 150 years.

In so doing, these BLM-led henchmen threatened the lives of the Bundys if they would not immediately leave, and when they would not depart on principle, scores of the Bundys’ procreating bulls were shot, killed and secretly buried in a mass grave. To make matters worse, when citizens supporting the Bundys arrived at the ranch to wage a peaceful protest, some of which were legally armed under our Second Amendment, the response of Dirty Harry’s BLM goons was to assault and attack Cliven Bundy’s sister, Margaret, tase two of his sons and violently kick the family dog.

The manufactured pretext of Dirty Harry’s BLM goons to invade the Bundy ranch, threaten lives and beat up and tase Cliven Bundy’s family and dog were twofold. One pretext was that their ranching was endangering an “endangered species, ” the so-called desert tortoise. Second, that Cliven and the Bundy family had not paid federal grazing fees for the “right” to ranch the land. As for the first bogus excuse, in truth, the desert tortoise thrives among cattle, since the tortoises feast off of the cattle’s manure. And, as for the second phony excuse, Cliven and his family on principle would not pay grazing fees to BLM, since it is their solemn belief, based on a good-faith analysis of the law and the Constitution, that the land they ranch is legally owned by the state of Nevada, and not the federal government. Indeed, Cliven and his family have never shirked their responsibility to pay federal or state taxes, just not illegal grazing fees.

This so-called standoff, which ultimately the Bundys won when the Clark County sheriff finally summoned the courage to order Dirty Harry’s BLM agents to leave, gained national attention. Never before in modern history had legally armed citizens, using their sacred Second Amendment right to bear arms, stood down a tyrannical government bent on flexing its lethal muscle for ulterior and illegal purposes. In this regard, it was learned that the real reason Dirty Harry wanted Cliven and his family thrown off the land was because the senator’s son, Rory Reid, an equally compromised Las Vegas shyster lawyer, was negotiating to sell the land out from under the Bundys to Chinese or other interests. In this way, Dirty Harry and his offspring were poised to obviously profit from the deal, Dirty Harry likely through Las Vegas “mafia-style kickbacks.”

After the dust had cleared, not to be undone and thoroughly humiliated, Dirty Harry characteristically branded Cliven and his tribe as “domestic terrorists” and vowed that he would have them prosecuted by President Obama’s Justice Department. This was a slanderous and patently illegal threat that was repeated many times, culminating a few years later in reality. In early 2016, Obama’s Justice Department, lead by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, filed criminal charges against Cliven, four of his sons and 14 others who participated in the successful standoff. Notably, just a year and one half earlier, President Obama himself, at a White House Correspondents Dinner, had also threatened Cliven, when he mocked the patriarch’s comparing the way he and his family had been treated by the feds to the plight of the Negro in the Old South.

Apparently, Obama, with Loretta Lynch, as we have sadly come to know in the last many years, who sees so-called “white racism” against blacks around every street corner of American life, had taken offense to the use of the word Negro, even though the heroic civil rights icon Martin Luther King had consistently referred to his creed in the same manner. In my opinion, Cliven and his sons were, after a two-year lag since the successful standoff, criminally indicted for crimes cumulatively carrying potential life sentences, as retaliation for Cliven’s use of the word Negro, among other phony politically inspired trumped up charges. The indictments were also likely precipitated by the Bundy sons’ equally peaceful and armed protest in Oregon on behalf of ranchers there who had also been persecuted by Dirty Harry and the BLM. The Bundy sons and other protesters, one of whom was shot and killed by a federal agent, were also contemporaneously charged in a separate criminal case in Oregon. By the grace of God, culminating in the Bundy sons’ recent acquittal – having largely waged their own defense – the sons won despite a full-court press by the Obama Justice Department to put them away in federal prison for life.

Following Cliven’s and his sons indictment with 14 other protesters, their case in Nevada was assigned to Chief Judge Gloria Navarro who, you guessed it, was recommended for appointment to the federal bench by Dirty Harry and owes her job to both the senator and Obama.

Navarro, in administering to the case, which she delayed at the Obama Justice Department’s request, to go to trial over a year after the criminal charges were brought – beginning on Feb. 6, 2017 – then proceeded to deny bail to Cliven, who she then vindictively “buried” for many weeks in solitary confinement. Cliven, who had by then become my client, was also denied his Sixth Amendment right to a speedy trial. To make matters even worse, Navarro also refused to allow me “pro hac vice” admission before her court to represent Cliven. (I am not licensed generally in Nevada but can get in on a case-by-case basis.) Navarro’s unconstitutional ruling is now on appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, as Cliven has been denied his Sixth Amendment right of the legal counsel of his choosing for nearly a year. The delay has obviously has severely harmed his defense. See

Just last Wednesday, on their way out the revolving door of that corrupt swamp known as Washington, D.C., Dirty Harry (who is retiring from the Senate) and Obama (whose presidential term is up) have vindictively struck yet again. Issuing one of Obama’s now patented executive orders, he declared, at Dirty Harry’s urging, that the land on which the Bundy family ranch is located to be designated at the Gold Butte National Monument, making it off limits to the Bundys and effectively confiscating the ground they have ranched for a century and a half. In having Obama do this, Dirty Harry crowed about his success, undoubtedly elated that he and his son might now presumably, if Democrats win the White House back in 2020, be able to resume dealing the land to other interests for “fun and profit.”

So this is the New Year’s greeting of Dirty Harry and Obama to the Bundys – as Cliven and his sons face trial a month or so later, which could result, if they are not successful, in their life imprisonment.

Well, this New Year, I also have a “special” greeting, this one for Dirty Harry and our outgoing president! Just as the Bundy family won the standoff in 2014, and Cliven’s sons were acquitted in Oregon recently, in the end, justice will prevail in Navarro’s Las Vegas federal court!

With your strong support, I am sure that God will not forsake the Bundys, no more than He has forsaken other patriots in our nation’s history who, beginning in 1776, have successfully stood down government tyranny!

Go to to help Cliven win his case. This is not just for Cliven and the Bundy family, but also for all of us who believe in and want to preserve our God-given and sacred freedoms.

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