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Journalists are in Way Over Their Heads


Editorial by David Morgan- Have you ever been in a class or been given something to do in which you just knew you were in way over your head? I remember one of my first classes in college where I was enrolled in an advanced calculus course. Unknown to me at the time, there were three other students who had all gotten 800 on their math SAT’s in the room, and those three and the professor talked in a ‘calculus language’ that was really foreign to me and, seemingly, to most of the others in the class. And I thought I was reasonable bright. Obviously I wasn’t. Most of the time I didn’t have a clue what they were talking about.

There is nothing worse than being asked to do something or to understand something that is simply way over your head. It’s the pits. You don’t even know where to begin talking about it or how to look for answers because you can’t even figure out the questions to ask. As a result you flop around making noises, simply so someone will know you are alive and hopefully won’t just laugh at you. You regurgitate what you hear hoping someone else knows what is going on, and you just might look somewhat rational. But stupid is as stupid does, and in that class I was simply stupid. Before test time I would simply memorize pages of notes taken off the blackboard as those four chatted and then put whatever I had written down on the test papers. Horrible feeling. You always know when you are in over your head with something. I’m sure I would feel the same way if I were asked to create a new symphony in A flat minor!

That’s why in watching the tv newscasters, talking heads, and writers for ‘major’ media outlets (like The New York Times, ABC, CBS, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, USA Today and many more) try to cover this last election, I felt so sorry for almost all of them. They absolutely had no clue what was going on. They had absolutely no idea what the news even was. And deep down they knew it. They still do, but it is impossible for them to admit it. Impossible. I even had hostile reactions from lots of my friends who also simply had no idea what was going on and who relied on the ‘media’ to inform them. It was one big vicious cycle. Here’s why.

The ‘media’ has been trained by professorial politically correct types who live in their own isolated little worlds (and are now teaching our wimpy college students who need hot chocolate to deal with any setbacks) and imparted their visions to their media trainees. These media folks, in turn, spouted all this chocolate covered knowledge and fake flowers to the rest of the lazy public so that now what was really going on was practically unfathomable – except to those average folks who simply paid attention and who knew. How did they know? How does anyone know that water is wet? It begins by touching the water. They knew because they had felt the water, and they were not going to be buffaloed by sugary cool-aid dumped on them by the media.

I really feel sorry for all those in the media who are supposed to be knowledgeable about the news and who puff up and walk around like journalists, but are really totally clueless. They love to talk to each other and write news stories that are simply directed to their own ilk, but basically they are simply lost and trying to hang onto the jobs they have. The fact that practically 99% of the ‘journalistic news media’ got this entire election dead wrong should be proof enough that journalism, as it is supposed to be, is dead. This is clear to everyone with a simple grasp of the obvious.

In reality, most of the media are in the wrong profession, and need to hang it up and go home. It’s really, really tough to be educated beyond your intelligence and to be stuck in over your head. I feel sorry them.

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