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Atlanta Based Band Performs at Saluda Historic Depot


Relaxing and walking around the town before performing at the Purple Onion, songwriter, Dan Foster discovered the historical marker describing the remarkable, legendary Saluda Grade. This small mountain town and its history inspired him to write a ballad, the Saluda Grade. Dan arranged and performed the first version with the band, High Cotton.

Now with a new team of musicians, the ballad has been arranged with the Radio Rangers and will be released at the Saluda Historic Depot during a Saluda Station Depot Day to kick off the Saluda Holiday Gallery at the depot. This concert will be performed on the porch of the depot on Saturday, November 5 with shows at 2 and 3:15pm. Some seating available and organizers suggest bringing a chair.

The 3-member band hails from Atlanta, GA and is performing this concert pro bona to help the Saluda Historic Depot with its fund raising efforts to pay the mortgage on the purchase of the building. The concert is free to the public.

“Railroads have always had a special place in American History. Those bigger than life machines and the tracks they rode on have moved our country and driven our imaginations. I remember standing beside the Grade, reading the historical marker and realizing the significance of the Saluda Grade story. I thought about the determination and resource it must have taken to build the Grade and move tons of coal down the mountain. I thought about the danger and I thought about the will to succeed. Proof that the folks in Saluda were pretty amazing. The Radio Rangers are very happy to support the museum,” says Dan Foster.

Dan Foster is a singer/songwriter based in Atlanta Georgia. He was raised in Michigan and moved to Georgia in 1989. Most of his musical career, Dan has played lead guitar and added backing vocals for such groups as “Night Shift”, “Southbound”, “Minimum Balance” and “High Cotton”. His musical influences include Lefty Frizell, Towns Van Zandt, Bob Dylan and Dickey Betts. Dan’s original music is a mix of country, rock, folk and blues telling stories from the American heartland. “Saluda Grade” was written by Dan in 2009 and was featured on an album by High Cotton that spent several weeks on the Georgia top 20 Roots music charts. Dan’s current group, The Radio Rangers, features acoustic music with strong vocal harmonies. Writing melodic songs that tell a good story is Dan’s passion.

Mark Ewald is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from Atlanta, Georgia and has performed with various bands since he was 13 years old. A software developer and philanthropist, Mark and his wife, Rachel, have fostered over 50 children and they founded the Foster Care Support Foundation, located in Roswell, Georgia

Bryant Kachel first instrument was the family Martin ukulele (gorgeous) where at age 7 he learned there was a whole world of harmonies to be had with only 4 strings. High school was a wonderful time for a jock and a B+ student, but the most memorable learning experiences of all were in music, particularly the Barber Shop Quartet, both in the H.S. choir as well as extra-curricular. Bass playing did not come to Bryant till age 33, in the form of an old high school orchestra double bass, “just for the heck of it!”. Self-taught, Bryant then went on to buy his first elec. bass and subsequently enjoyed a half-dozen cover bands over the course of nearly 20 years.

The fun starts at 12pm in the parking lot of the Saluda Historic Depot with craft-making for kids sponsored by the Saluda Community Land Trust, a kid’s train ride, wood carving at Botes & Stuff, a Wooden Toy Train exhibit, and an interactive train model exhibited by the Apple Valley Model Railroad Club. Duck Alley will have a special chocolate dip ice cream to celebrate the day.

For more information, please contact Judy Ward at 828-674-5958 or email at judyward@charter.net, or Cathy Jackson at 828-817-2876 or email cathy@saludalifestyles.com.

About the Depot

The depot sits on historic Main Street at the crest of the steepest mainline standard gauge railroad in the United States. The depot building is a contributing structure on the National Register of Historic Places in the listing for the Saluda Main Street Historic District.

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