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Trump Train Convoy To Loop Around Asheville NC.


“Trump Train Convoy To Loop Around Asheville NC. All Trump Supporters Invited To Participate.”

A citizens led group of Donald Trump supporters is forming a “Trump Train” vehicle convoy around the city of Asheville Sunday October 30th. The “Trump Train” convoy will form at the River Ridge Market Place parking lot on Fairview Rd at 3:30PM and will leave by police escort on to I-240. The exact route, which is a loop around Asheville, will be given before the group leaves.

We ask that all Trump/Pence supporters fly their American Flags out their vehicle windows. Passangers can hold signs of support for Trump/Pence in the windows so passing traffic can see. All mortorcycles please fasten American Flags and support signs securely.

Several trucking companies and motorcycle clubs have also been invited to participate.

Trump Train organizer Chad Nesbitt said, “As an American citizen I am onboard the Trump Train and it is full steam ahead for our future. That future is our children!”

Nesbitt said, “We live in the greatest country in the world yet have politicians that want to destroy it for their own personal gain. We the people are going to make sure our nation is secure by electing a leader that will secure our borders, bring jobs back to America, stop refugees from entering our country that could be terrorists, end the fraud called obamacare, supports the constitution, will appoint a conservative to Supream Court, supports religious liberties, supports police and first responders, supports minorities, and is proud to be an American. That person is Donald Trump!”

For more information contact

Chad Nesbitt at 828-216-0147

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