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Will the Spirit of Liberty Return?


The Gray Champion and the Evil Empire

By Mike Scruggs- Ronald Reagan once referred to the Soviet Union as the “Evil Empire.” The same seeds of deception, corruption, and tyranny have been growing in our own country and have reached alarming proportions during the Obama Administration. The sweeping corruption and criminality of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State has been revealed in the 33,000 emails she tried to destroy in response to a Congressional subpoena and FBI investigation.

Yet the vast majority of the establishment media has Hillary’s back in the largest media cover-up of political scandal in history. They are attempting to divert public attention from the great issues and their future consequences. The November 8 election will determine whether we can regain our freedoms and prosperity or be doomed to tyranny and continued national decline under a government of lies and oppression.

On October 22, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the scene of Lincoln’s famous address in November 1863, Donald Trump outlined the most comprehensive plan for restoring America’s greatness and integrity than has been seen in a generation. This was in the form of a “Contract with America” to restore our greatness and our values.

He first had to deal with the latest round of unsubstantiated slanders against his character recently orchestrated by his unscrupulous political enemies. He briefly but categorically denied any substance to these politically motivated false charges and promised to sue his slanderers vigorously after the election. Having disposed with the latest Marxist style scheme to defame his character, he proceeded vigorously to address the substantive issues of the presidential campaign.

He first emphasized the need to restore conservative Constitutional government that is accountable to the American people and the values upon which the nation was founded by appointing thoroughly vetted conservative judges to open Supreme Court and Federal Judiciary positions. He particularly emphasized preserving the Second Amendment and First Amendment religious liberties, which have been under constant attack during the Obama Administration. He believes that all lives, including those yet unborn matter.

He outlined important steps to prevent government corruption by lobbyists, big donors, and especially the influence of foreign money on U.S. policies and elections. He elaborated on seven steps to protect American workers and businesses from excessive immigration, unfair trade practices, and terrible trade agreements. He promised quick action to deport the more than 2.0 million criminal aliens in the country and toughen our ongoing immigration enforcement. He again emphasized the need for extremely thorough vetting of immigrants, making sure their values are compatible with our own and noting the danger to American lives, when terrorist infiltration occurs. He believes in peace through strength and that rebuilding our severely weakened military strength and preparedness is urgent. He will make Veteran Care a high priority, using private medical options to improve and speed treatment.

He is strongly opposed to Common Core impositions on local school systems and wants School Choice for all. He believes Obamacare must be totally repealed and replaced by nationwide free market competition. He is proposing special programs to help families that need help with child care and elder care. He wants only three personal income tax rates and a 35 percent tax cut for middle class taxpayers and wants to cut the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 15 percent. He will encourage respect for law and law enforcement officers. He will address the cyber warfare threat. These paragraphs by no means cover the entire contract.

Trump’s economic and tax proposals are based on the same dynamic relation of low taxes and minimum regulation that fueled the successful economic expansion of both Democrat John F. Kennedy and Republican Ronald Reagan and has proved successful around the world for those countries whose leaders are not locked into the two-dimensional economic policies of bureaucratic socialist thinking.

Will the establishment media pay any attention to Trump’s contract with voters? So far, they appear to be suppressing any knowledge of the contract. Yet they continue their constant slander and vigorous belittlement of Trump’s every word. After all, the establishment media doesn’t want the swamp drained. They are the smug agents for social radicalism and unaccountable government.

Donald Trump is a strong and multi-gifted leader with proven economic successes, but he has his share of frequent human flaws. However, only the most legalistic of Pharisees emphasize flaws and old mistakes rather than the big picture of issues and the consequences of government policies, when their country is in mortal danger. Trump will drain the swamp.  A vote for Hillary Clinton opens wide the gates of corruption, moral depravity, and tyranny to an American version of the Evil Empire.

Can Trump and We the People win against the cartel of establishment special interests, cultural radicals, big-donor-owned politicians, and truth-suppressing media? After Obama’s thoroughly discouraging re-election in 2012, I happened by some providence to rediscover Nathaniel Hawthorne’s 1837 short story, The Gray Champion. It begins like this:

“There was once a time, when New England groaned under the pressure of heavier wrongs than those, which later brought on the Revolution.”

The background was the “Glorious Revolution” of 1668-9 in which Britain’s James II was deposed by the British Parliament and replaced by William and Mary. James II’s Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony was Sir Edmund Andros.

Under the rule of Sir Edmund Andros, the people of New England had no rights. No Charter of Rights or legislative or judicial body protected them against arbitrary government confiscation or redistribution of their homes and property. Oppressive taxes and trade regulations were imposed upon them without recourse. Public meetings and the press were severely regulated to stifle complaints. In addition, their religious liberties were continually undermined and challenged by government authority. Conditions were far worse in New England from 1686 to 1689 than those that later resulted in the American Revolution 86 years later.

The replacement of James Ii by William and Mary in England fueled New England’s hope of regaining their Charter and rights. Governor Andros tried to intimidate them by a show of force, but a coalition of Puritan Clergy, Colonial Militia leaders, and Boston merchants, led by the 86-year-old former Governor Simon Bradstreet was already organizing to take their freedoms back.

By 5:00 AM on April 18, 1689, 1,500 Colonial Militia had secretly gathered just outside Boston. By 8:30 AM, many of them had already filtered into the streets of Boston and joined an angry crowd of 2,000 citizens, and variously armed militia and veterans at the pier-end of King Street.

According to Hawthorne’s fictionalized version, Governor Andros and several mounted British officers appeared at the other end of the street with 60 Red-Coat infantry formed in double ranks and occupying the whole breadth of the street. With the roll of drums and flintlocks shouldered, they marched like a machine toward the civilian crowd, intending to deluge the street with blood, if the crowd did not submit to the Governor’s authority.

From the crowd a voice cried out: “Oh! Lord of Hosts, provide a champion for thy people.” Parishioners gathered around their pastors to protect them from arrest. Suddenly from among the people, emerged an ancient-looking old man, who walked alone in the center of the street to confront the relentless march of the Red-Coat infantry. His Puritan dress and hat were at least 50 years out of fashion. He carried a heavy sword on his side, but carried a staff in his hand to steady the shaky gait of old age. Within 20 yards of the first rank of marching British troops, he raised his staff and cried: “Stand.” To everyone’s amazement, the drums were hushed and the advancing line stood still.

With this demonstration, an enormous enthusiasm seized upon the multitude of Boston citizens. They raised a shout of awe and exaltation and looked for the deliverance of New England. But who was this mysterious gray figure?

Despite the gray figure’s awesome effect on his troops, Governor Andros and his officers mocked him. In loud and harsh tones, Governor Andros demanded: How dare you stay the march of King James’ Governor?

But the gray champion responded with stern composure:

“I have staid the march of a King himself, ere now. I am here, Sir Governor, because the cry of an oppressed people hath disturbed me in my secret place; and beseeching this favor earnestly of the Lord, it was vouchsafed me to appear once again on earth, in the good old cause of his Saints. And what speak ye of James? That tyrant is no longer on the throne of England, and by tomorrow noon, his name shall be a by-word in this very street, where ye would make it a word of terror. Back, thou that wast a Governor, back! With this night thy power is ended—tomorrow, the prison!—back, lest I foretell the scaffold.”

As foretold by the Gray Champion, Governor Andros and his officers were prisoners of former Governor Bradstreet the next day, but the Gray Champion had disappeared. It is said that he reappeared 80 years later following the Boston Massacre in 1770. Five years later he stood on the green at Lexington, and while our forefathers toiled at the breastworks of Bunker Hill, all through the night the old warrior walked his rounds. Who was this Gray Champion and will he appear again?

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