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The rest of the Hillary Clinton story


Letter to the Editor- A “long-time Democrat activist” ran an ad in papers about Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments supposed to qualify her to be President of the United States. Unfortunately some important facts about her record were omitted.

Clinton wrote her college senior thesis on Saul Alinsky avowed communist organizer and author of /Rules for Radicals/ a handbook that teaches 8 steps from democracy to a socialtist/communist state. After that she was offered a chance to work with him because she said she believed the system could be changed from within not from outside which Alinsky believed. I believe she is doing just that.

Clinton is associated with George Soros a left wing multi-millionaire who donated nearly $11 million to her campaign. Her campaign supports open borders, increased muslim immigration and a diminished U.S global power which is also a Soros vision .

Other Clinton actions are not proud achievements. When on the Watergate investigation committee she was dismissed for dishonest and unethical behavior. She defended and got a rapist of a 12 year old girl off and laughed about it, She belittled and threatened women who were sexually harassed by her husband Bill Clinton. She was labeled extremely careless with classified information by the FBI and in the last debate revealed classified information about the time a president has to push the nuclear attack button. She had to return 200,000 worth of furnishings stolen from the White House.

Polls show a majority of voters consider Hillary Clinton untrustworthy and dishonest. She lied about having Whitewater documents that were eventually found laying around somewhere in the White House. To have her buddies assigned to White House travel, she lied about accusations against members of the White House travel agency leading to those people being fired and destroying their reputations. She lied about the cause of the attack on the U.S installation in Benghazi where 4 Americans were killed including the Ambassador claiming to the American people that it was caused by a video but telling her daughter, and the Egyptian Prime Minister that it was a terrorist attack. Then she claimed the parents of the Americans killed there were lying by saying she told them it was a terrorist attack.

Clinton’s record in government is no better. As a U.S Senator from New York other than totally meaningless legislation like changing the names on courthouses and post offices, only four pieces of her legislation passed.

As Secretary of State she used a private server for email and then destroyed her blackberry and thousands of emails. She took donations to the Clinton Foundation that enabled the donors to gain access to the State Department in what is known as a “pay to play” scheme. . As a member of the Obama administration she is equally responsible for the**“Russian Reset” a failure, “Arab Spring” that has dissolved into trouble. The “Asia Pivot” has produced the terrible TPP, failure in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, the birth of ISIS, the resurgence of Al Qaeda, the rebirth of the Taliban.

But she did travel a lot.

Ralph Slaughter

Cashiers, NC

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