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Study, Pray, Vote

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By Leslee Kulba- Hillary Clinton was never to be president. Her ambitions for the post were understood by people who knew her when her husband first ran. Before any of Bill’s scandals came to public attention, when somebody from the Ross Perot campaign was asked off-the-record what Bill’s campaign slogan was, she said, “I can [DELETED] anyone I want, and my wife wants to be president.”

The CIA hated the Clintons for “emasculating” their agency. It was more important to be PC than to get rid of clear and present dangers. One agent, off the record, among other things called Mrs. Clinton a “tyrant extraordinaire.”

Again, off-the-record, Clinton aides told how when she was in the White House, they had to “avert their eyes” whenever Mrs. Clinton entered the room.

Among other reasons not to vote Clinton are all the scandals of whom Rush Limbaugh, who has made a career of fighting them, calls the “Clinton Crime Family.” In addition to long lists of people who mysteriously died days before coming forth with information incriminating them is, most condemning, the whole Filegate story. FBI files on everybody who was anybody at the time were “improperly” acquired, and they landed in the White House. The problem surfaced during investigations of the first Clinton scandal, Travelgate.

Needless to say, it was believed ever since that the Clintons had the dope to blackmail anybody who stood in their way. And that could be one reason why they keep getting off the hook while being declared totally guilty.

More recently, there’s the Benghazi scandal and the private email server. Wikileaks has been water-torturing Clinton by releasing scandalous emails that would have destroyed a normal campaign long ago.

Documents obtained by Judicial Watch portray the candidate as shockingly incompetent and disengaged, just in the role of Secretary of State for the prestige and connections.

Americans now know that the Clinton Foundation was a pay-to-play scam, giving foreign dignitaries access to the Secretary of State while only 5.7 percent of proceeds went to charity. The Clintons said they were broke when they left the White House, but speaking engagements and such have since increased their combined net worth to $111 million.

We have also found the DNC was in the tank for Mrs. Clinton. Not only did she start with the support of 15 percent of delegates, the superdelegates, regardless of how the electorate would decide; the party itself was working with the media against Socialist curmudgeon Bernie Sanders – who did quite well in spite of it all.

Hillary’s poor health and few and far-between mechanical, mask-faced appearances have her looking like the Trojan Horse party operatives are trying to push across the finish line, into the White House gate.

Enter Donald Trump. He’s the answer to the Teflon candidacy of Mrs. Clinton. He, too, keeps getting caught in lies and keeps on going. Trump wrote in The Art of the Deal, “I play to peoples’ fantasies. People may not always think big themselves, but they can still get very excited by those who do. That’s why a little hyperbole never hurts. People want to believe something is the biggest and the greatest and the most spectacular . . . .”

His “truthful hyperbole” has given rise to a number of lists in the New York Times. It’s obvious he has flip-flopped on abortion, gun control, and other big issues. He even flipped on his big issue, immigration. Politifact, while not unslanted in their methods, rated only 4 percent of Trump’s statements true.

It has been said the only position on which Trump remains firm is his admiration for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. On all else, Trump wings it like the student who didn’t prepare for class.

The GOP went into the primary with sixteen candidates, some of whom would have been outstanding presidents. Scott Walker had withstood union attacks. Ted Cruz had fought the Senate and exposed manipulation. So many others stood for Republican principles of limited government and free markets.

But one by one, they fell by the wayside. There was some speculation at the time that Trump’s good performance in open primaries was Mrs. Clinton’s answer to Rush’s Operation Chaos.

But the media played a big part. The right-wing media was first jazzed about Jeb Bush, who was polling 1-3 percent. But once Jeb! dropped out, Fox News, Sean Hannity, and Rush all went wall-to-wall on Trump. The desperation in their explanations of “what Trump really meant” was obvious. The public felt was feeling left out of a very big secret.

On the campaign trail, Trump continued to talk like a bully, if not a maniac. At the RNC convention, delegates complained the Trump camp had silenced opposition in a number of ways, including hiding the person to whom forms had to be submitted, overriding opportunities to challenge, and ignoring no votes. Similar claims of steamrolling of the rules arose with the 2012 Mitt Romney nomination.

But after the primary, it has come to peoples’ attention that Trump, in addition to being great at using government privilege and subsidy to advance the Trump Organization, has gone two decades without paying taxes. He’s also being characterized as a sleazy womanizer with mafia connections.

One would expect evangelicals to oppose Trump. He’s everything the left says is wrong with the GOP – He built an empire on casinos, beauty contests, a strip club, vodka, etc. He donates to politicians for political favors, he flies around with beautiful women in his private jet, he has a reputation for covering his interiors in gold and not paying workers. But numerous evangelical leaders have endorsed Trump.

By way of reminder, Clinton and Trump are vying for the presidency of the United States. The winner gets to take an oath to honor and defend the Constitution. Trump has spoken of judges signing bills, expressed adoration for Article XII of the Constitution, said he’d get the military to commit war crimes, and a bunch of other garbage that shows he’s unfamiliar with and to date unwilling to read the Constitution. He frequently threatens to sue those who disagree with him.

Mrs. Clinton, meanwhile, appears to operate a criminal racket behind the scenes, exercising powers above the law to further her blind ambition.

We’re told we must support Trump because of his list of candidates for the Supreme Court, but he released one in May, and then added to it in September, after first saying his liberal sister would make a good Supreme Court Justice.

So, should one waste their vote going third-party? Do your homework and vote your conscience. Libertarian Gary Johnson is on the ballot and Green Jill Stein is a registered write-in. Independent Evan McMullin is on the ballot or a registered write-in in forty-some states and says his team will litigate the others if the count is close to denying Clinton or Trump the 270 votes needed to win in the Electoral College.

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