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Letter to the Editor: Trump Rally Was A Disgrace


Political and media bias put Trump rally attendees and police at risk

All across America police officers are stepping back from enforcement because they are being placed in a no-win situation. When you feel like you can’t win, you don’t play, and communities are feeling the repercussions. We are doing the same thing in Asheville. Considering these contrasting events—

Black Lives Matter Protest of several weeks ago.

1) A small group of white liberal protestors disrupted the police station, obstructed traffic, intimidated pedestrians, and otherwise violated the law for the better part of three days.

2) Police ignored, dallied, pleaded, and patiently waited for them to run out of gas until options were exhausted.

3) Police were under immediate and pervasive public scrutiny by the mainstream media.

4) Police were under immediate and pervasive public scrutiny by the city council.

Trump Rally of last week

1) A large group of liberal protestors disrupted a conservative event in a public venue by intimidating, threatening, laying hands on, and cursing attendees and otherwise violating the law for the better part of two hours.

2) Police, once again, ignored most actions. Fire Marshalls did not address dangers and illegality of constrained exit.

3) Police/Fire Marshalls received little or no public scrutiny by the mainstream media.

4) Police/Fire Marshalls received no public scrutiny by the city council.

What was different? Both involved a public venue – but the police officers serving the Trump Rally had just been beaten-up by our governing body and the media for their handling of the Black Lives Matter protest. They were paralyzed by the politics as surely as overwhelmed by the numbers.

The liberal protest participants were coddled or ignored in both cases. In the latter case, where the behaviors were far more egregious, the media, at best, presented the case that both sides were at fault or concentrated on decoy issues over the serious issue – the gauntlet of abuse, threats, and intimidation that exiting attendees had to endure.

Our officers are being placed in a position of responsibility w/o authority. They know the scrutiny by mainstream media outlets, a lock-step liberal council, and politicized administrators are selective – with a fluctuating dedication to the rule of law.

Look to the harsh scrutiny and treatment of officers after the Deaverview shooting for further demonstration of this bias.

Thank you for the opportunity to continue raising the questions…

Chad Nesbitt


Pastor Andrew Sluder


Pastor Randy Keener


Carl Mumpower


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