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Stone Road: Hitting it hard for the locals

 Stone Road RS

Husband and wife team Charles and Jennifer Barnes are the owners, who have known each other since middle school at Erwin and finally became a couple in the 11th grade at Erwin High. Five years later they were married. They opened Stone Road back on June 13th.

Both Charles and Jennifer come from non-restaurant backgrounds–Jennifer from teaching and Charles from construction–but they have brought in other family members to help them out. Charles’ mom, Tammy, has a restaurant management background and Charles’ brother, William, has helped him in construction for years.

Charles and William have built restaurants but have never actually run one. “I think it all started with Baker Street Public Grill, to be honest with you,” said William when asked what got them interested in a restaurant. “Because it was the first restaurant that Charles and I ever did together.” That was in Oklahoma in 2004 and from that a dream was fulfilled last month when they opened the doors on Stone Road.

The restaurant theme is summed up in a line that Jennifer came up with and is now a part of their logo, “Flavor and fun all Rocked into one.” The flavor part is their unique menu which includes a bit of everything. From hand-tossed pizza to steaks to signature sandwiches to creative, unique appetizers. That’s without even talking about the full service bar with mixed drinks to more than 40 beers on tap and a variety of bottled beers and a good wine selection.

The fun comes in with all the live entertainment that the restaurant has to offer which includes live music (Wednesday through Sunday), “open mic” (Thursday), and 17 different channels to watch sporting events, including the NFL Ticket which is coming up in just a little more than a month.

Asked about the business’s name Charles explained that “stone” part of the name refers to hard or bold. “Life can be hard.” And the road part refers to “the journey that Jennifer and I took to get to where we are…It took a lot of dedication for Jennifer and I to get where we are in life.”

“We wanted to bring this (the restaurant) to the community,” said Jennifer.

Charles and Jennifer are still tweaking the menu and they say this is a one of a kind restaurant that will be keeping to their roots in the community starting with a majority of the staff being Erwin graduates or attending Erwin now. They are also “…planning fundraising for local athletics and charities,” said Charles.

“We are looking to make this the best spot in Asheville and Leicester to have a bad ass experience dining and a night life,” Charles explained. Adding that they want you to be able to celebrate your milestones in life as well as enjoy a nice lunch. Readers can check out their website at or call them at 828-412-3810.

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