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Mary’s Burritos & Beer in Arden

Mary's Burritto's RS

Maria and Jose Romero

A Friendly Restaurant with Delicious Food

People in the neighborhood have discovered that Mary’s Burritos at 1939 Brevard Road is a wonderful place to stop, chat with your co-workers, just wind down after a busy day with a cold beer at the bar or sit and watch their favorite game on one of the eight or nine big screen televisions on the various walls.

Yes, here at Mary’s Burritos & Beer you can get a cold beer— Mondays for only $1 you can get a 16 oz. draft beer all day. There are a lot of regular customers, who have discovered their favorite burrito, taco or quesadilla. The shrimp meals are cooked “just for you,” so you can count on their being fresh. As one customer said, “I haven’t had anything here I didn’t like. The seasonings blend beautifully and are vey unique. It is authentic Latin food, and the atmosphere is super friendly. I come here often.”

Jose and his wife Maria Romero left El Salvador in 1998. Jose with his father had previously been cowboys on the family property outside of San Salvador. The couple came to the United States with a plan to open their own business if at all possible. They knew a lot of work and risk would be involved, but they wanted to have something to pass on to their children. It would be worth the effort. Once coming to the United States, they both held many jobs. Jose has cooked at many places before opening the family-run restaurants.

The couple managed to bring their four children, Alex, Isaias, Erik and Brian, to the United States in stages—as money would allow. The children have all attended local Buncombe County schools and all currently help in the two restaurants. The business is a family endeavor. Alex is now 26 years old and runs the Mary’s Burritos & Beer in Arden with his father. Isaias with his mother runs the Mary’s Burritos in Hendersonville at 1971 Asheville Highway, where beer is not served. Wednesdays, kids can eat free after 4 p.m. until closing.

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Now with the arrival of spring and weather a little warmer, you and your friends can sit on the outside porch to enjoy the atmosphere even more. For an authentic Latin meal in a friendly family-run business, head to Mary’s Burritos & Beer. Enjoy a delicious seafood soup, tacos, quesadilla, chimichanga, tasty sauces, then finish your meal with platanos or fried ice cream. Save some money on Tuesdays, kids are free after 4 p.m. until closing. The only days these restaurants close are Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years. If you haven’t discovered Mary’s Burritos, where the food is authentic and delicious, the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, and the prices are reasonable, now is the time to do so. It will quickly become a favorite.

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