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Republican Commissioner Candidate Speaks Out on Gender Identity Bathrooms

Gender bathrooms RS

At the meeting, city attorney’s explained to council members how Charlotte got the ordinance passed, the problems with the ordinance, and what state legislators were getting ready to do to stop these types of ordinances from a state standpoint.

Mayor Esther Manheimer said “Asheville had LGBT protections by default and didn’t need a Charlotte-style ordinance.” Councilman Gordon Smith walked up to the podium and said, “I’m not speaking as a councilman, I am speaking as a citizen” and supported the mayors statement. The four councilmen all looked at each other and “voted” that Asheville’s LGBT protections was already in place and did not need an ordinance like Charlotte’s. The Mayor then instructed a staff member named Dawa to put together a statement as to their actions.

Republican Candidate for Chairman of the Buncombe County Commissioners Chad Nesbitt called their action, “Hogwash!” Nesbitt said, “City council has lost this debate and they are trying to spin this to look good for their liberal base. As it stands now, Asheville businesses, schools, and public facilities are not forced to allow men into women’s bathrooms and vice-versa in the city of Asheville. They need an ordinance like Charlotte passed in order to do that. They didn’t pass this ordinance because they knew I was fixing to throw a lawsuit at them, Jordan Burchett had a huge petition drive against them, thousands of church members called the mayors office complaining, and city council knows there are NC laws that protect all North Carolina citizens from indecent exposure, breaking and entering, trespassing, and peeping.”

“I furthermore find this meeting before the city council meeting to be highly suspicious and will be inquiring to see if they have violated North Carolina open meeting laws.”, Nesbitt said.

For more information contact Chad Nesbitt at 828-216-0147.

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