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Campaign Insanity Attributed to Unresponsive Establishment

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Trump appears totally unacquainted with the job description for the office he seeks, as enumerated briefly in Section 2 of the US Constitution. It’s just as well. The current POTUS, a so-called Constitutional scholar, is running roughshod over it with his pen and phone.

Opponents point out Trump has been on both sides of every issue. He’ll go whichever way the wind blows, and then throw in an, “I don’t like you!” or, “You’re ugly!” to boot. The crowd still goes wild. While he talks about making the military commit war crimes or appropriating to himself Congressional authority, one can’t help but draw parallels to Lewis Carroll’s Queen of Hearts.

Pundits say he’s tapping into America’s rage. In a recent interview on Fox News, dropped-out presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee attempted, “The reason that Trump is winning is because they feel like people in Washington have helped them lose, and they’re sick of it. They worked hard to get them elected and when they get there they don’t do anything different. And I’ll tell you why three words: Follow the money. The donor class runs the political environment of this country, and people are waking up to that and they are tired of it.”

On the bright side, Huckabee said in another interview this country was undergoing a rebellion with “ballots not bullets.” Huckabee spoke about the plight of the working class, losing jobs, getting hours cut, losing pensions, unable to pay bills, etc. America’s feeling the burn.

He told how the federal government lives in a bubble, the nation’s six most prosperous counties surround the District of Columbia. As for their economic contributions, Huckabee said, “They don’t make anything. . . . They make government.” Huckabee said the kingmaking was a classic case of Louie XVI and Marie Antoinette versus the people. A scenario he notes, “did not end well,” for the royal line.

Ted Cruz, another outsider, says he understands the people’s anger. He blames what he calls the Washington cartel. A cartel is a coalition that creates sweet deals for its members at the expense of customers. The shoe fits.

Cruz has campaigned on his record of standing up to the federal government to defend the people and their Bill of Rights while serving as solicitor general in Texas. He points out, “Trump embodies everything that they’re angry about. Trump is a deal-maker. He spent his entire life cutting deals, and we’re furious with the deals in Washington,” he said. “The problem is that Republicans make deals with the Democrats every day, and Donald Trump is promising more of the same.”

Cruz is demonized for not cutting deals. His senate experience began with him and Mike Lee (R-UT) refusing to change the rules to lower the number of votes needed to raise the debt ceiling so all Republicans could go back home and tell their constituents they voted against doing so. “He doesn’t get along with anybody,” detractors say.

“He’s a liar!” shouts Trump, as if trying to turn perception into reality. And far be it for Trumpsters to look at things logically. Anger supplants reason, and Trump is resonating with the mass national outrage. What purpose does logic serve when whatever the people, the majority, or any semblance of economic principles demands, the federal government will ignore?

And the media is in cahoots. Even fair and balanced Fox News is pushing candidates off the debate stage and cherry-picking sound bites. Jeb Bush was the screaming leader with 3 percent of the vote, and the other establishment boy, Marco Rubio, kept winning in third place. Observers raise an eyebrow at a mysterious personality change they saw in Rubio once Bush dropped out, as if the puppet master changed toys.

ISIS is committing atrocities and may be infiltrating the nation, big government is expanding policies that exacerbate poverty only to enroll more and more in programs that foster dependency, haters try to stir up animosity against law enforcement in the name of race – and Fox interviewers ask candidates, “When did you stop beating your wife?” questions and egg them on to poke each other in the eye as if this whole campaign is an episode of The Three Stooges.

Fox keeps hammering the idea of a brokered convention. The discussion further infuriates the inflamed masses convinced that whatever Karl Rove wants, Karl Rove gets, regardless of how they vote. Threats are already flying that if the establishment tries such a stunt, people will walk out of the convention en masse. Mitt Romney’s resurfacing can only be part of another major scheme against The Wee People, they speculate.

Candidates are pointing out that the establishment has a losing strategy. Pundits like Mark Levin have said Republican leadership, rather than supporting candidates who best represent conservative values, have been urging voters to support “somebody who can win.” And then he who is supposed to win always loses.

Then there’s the Democrats. Mrs. Clinton. It was known she was aspiring for the presidency by fellow Arkansans before her husband ever won the office. She has been called a “tyrant extraordinaire” by professionals who have worked in her presence. And she ignores scandals with regal airs, the heiress apparent to the throne.

The only person with the guts to challenge her, perhaps with nothing to fear from the long-forgotten Filegate conspiracy, was the ever-lovable socialist Bernie Sanders. Sanders really racked up delegates in the primaries, but, alas, Mrs. Clinton had already laid claim to the Democrat establishment’s 712 superdelegates.

And what does Mrs. Clinton stand for? She annoys with what Rush Limbaugh calls a “Nurse Ratchet” scream, somewhere between a G and G#, and says she’s a woman adored by minorities.

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