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Illegals Cost NC Taxpayers $2.0 Billion per Year


Chuck Edwards signed letter to Pelosi supporting amnesty bill

By Mike Scruggs- In 2014, the Federation for Immigration Reform (FAIR) released a report entitled The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on North Carolinians. Their estimate was a whopping $2.0 Billion per year. This included $1.3 Billion for the education of the children of illegal immigrants, including $299 million per year for supplemental English instruction for 90,000 children.

The state pays approximately 71 percent of this, and county and local governments pay 29 percent. Healthcare for unlawful immigrants ran to $232 million per year. Public assistance ran to $79 million and general service use ran to $212 million. Law enforcement and justice costs were estimated at $216 million. These were the easier things to estimate. Not included in law enforcement and justice was the actual cost of crime perpetrated on North Carolinians by illegal immigrants. How can you measure the pain of crimes when loss of life, severe injury, or sexual assault are involved? There is an organization in North Carolina that tracks the human costs. See this tragic accounting for yourself at the NCFire website,

A large part of the $2.0 Billion cost is paid for by county and local governments, but $2.0 billion is equivalent to nearly 10 percent of the annual State budge of approximately $21 billion. North Carolina citizen households pay approximately $578 annually to support illegal immigration. Politicians resist acknowledging this, but you still get the bill. It is just not a separate billing marked “illegal immigration maintenance.”

FAIR’s estimate of the fiscal costs of illegal immigration is in the general range of cost estimates by the Center for Immigration Studies, NumbersUSA, and the Heritage Foundation. In fact, the Heritage Foundation produced a lengthy report in 2013, giving this revealing statistic:

Unlawful immigrant households receive $14,387 more in annual benefits and services than they pay in all forms of tax. This is essentially an indirect taxpayer paid subsidy to companies that use illegal labor.

Although foreign born labor produces about 11 percent of our annual of $18 trillion GDP, the combination of economic and fiscal costs is a net loss of approximately $65 billion per year.

The moral outrage is that employers of cheap foreign labor profit more than $437 billion per year, while it depresses American wages by more than $402 billion, according the Harvard labor economist George Borjas.

Businesses that are making over $437 billion in profits at the expense of American workers, whose average household income has dropped $4,000 since 2000, spend more than $150 million per year to lobby Congress and state legislatures. Many commercial and industrial organizations are involved in this lobbying against American workers and taxpayers, but the central informal leadership of the cheap labor lobby is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and state chambers, including the North Carolina Chamber.

In 2013, U.S. Senators Charles Schumer and Marco Rubio introduced a bill, S.744, a.k.a. the “Gang-of-Eight” or Schumer-Rubio bill in the U.S. Senate, having the deceptive official title: “The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act. It was really an amnesty for at least 11 million illegal immigrants (perhaps 20 million or higher) and also provided for more than doubling legal immigrant (green card) workers and tripling the number of guest-workers. NumbersUSA believes it would have opened the door for 33 million more workers competing with U.S. workers over the next decade. Such a legal immigration surge bill would certainly displace millions of American workers and drive down the wages of the rest.

It is a tragedy that so many Americans have been kept ignorant of the injustices and suffering being perpetrated on American wage earners, small businesses, and taxpayers. Yet there are those who hold that our first concern should be compassion for illegal immigrants. There are those who falsely claim there is a labor shortage when the stagnating wages of American workers has now spanned 15 years of suffering. There are those who refuse to examine the reality beneath the Chamber’s “growth” economics.

In the last three years, some Republican members of the North Carolina General Assembly, supporting special interests, have introduced bills designed to weaken the E-Verify system that prevents hiring illegal job applicants and protects North Carolina workers. They even proposed to issue driver permits to illegal immigrant workers. This sort of legislation is a huge magnet and red carpet treatment to illegal immigrants and a green light to employers to hire cheap illegal labor. This would explode the number of illegals. No honest person outside of a madhouse believes it would be good for North Carolina. It is simply brazen greed equipped with all sorts of phony and illogical rationalizations. The people will have no more of this. Do not vote for these scoundrels, no matter what their party!

I have written about 75 articles on immigration since 2001, and I have observed that those who favor amnesty almost never call it amnesty. Those who favor cheap illegal labor always have some discredited argument like “”tomatoes rotting on the vine” or “They’re only doing work Americans won’t do.” These have been proved false by credible research.

North Carolina voters need to start watching their backs on federal and state immigration issues. They particularly need to do their homework on 2016 Republican primary contests. It is particularly troubling that Chuck Edwards, Republican candidate to replace Tom Apodaca in the 48th NC Senate District, signed a letter as President of the Henderson County Chamber to U.S. House leaders John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi in 2013 advocating passage of “comprehensive immigration reform” that turned out to be the Schumer-Rubio Senate bill S.744, providing for a massive amnesty and legal immigration surge.

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