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Buncombe County Chairman Candidate Responds To Charlotte’s Gender Identity Bathrooms

Gender bathrooms RS

The changes mean businesses in Charlotte are forced to allow men in women’s bathrooms and women into mens depending which gender a person identifies with. Places of public accommodation, such as bars, restaurants and stores are subjected to the new policy. This will also apply to schools.

Candidate for Chairman of the Buncombe County Commissioners Chad Nesbitt said, “There are several Democrats running for County Commission and they all support gender identity bathrooms. One of which is Miss Beach-Ferrara who is a militant lesbian activist and has received over $25,000.00 in out of state contribution funds to her local campaign.”

Nesbitt said, “This mentally perverse Democrat gender identity action is dangerous to school children and women and I will never allow this to happen in Buncombe County.”

“The first time an assault happens in a bathroom in Charlotte the victim should sue the city, the Council members that voted for it on an individual basis, and the LGBT groups that pushed it, for these are nothing but a gang of thugs and just like a ruthless member of a gang is caught in a violent crime the whole gang can be held responsible in a court of law.”

Chad Nesbitt can be reached at 828-216-0147.

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