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Marco Rubio’s Shameful Immigration Bill

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Issues That Must Not Be Dodged

S.744 passed 68 to 32 in the Senate in July 2013 but never made it through the House. Shamefully, Rubio and 13 other Republicans voted for it.

The bill was over 180,000 words on more than 2,000 pages, long enough and confusing enough to deter a thorough reading of it. This article cannot cover the enormous potential for concealment and deception in such massive unread tomes. Whether they cover healthcare, as in Obamacare, or immigration as in the Schumer-Rubio bill, such huge comprehensive bills are prone to be written by and for special interest lawyers and lobbyists and to be contrary to public interests and fiscal discipline. Furthermore, the bill’s economic claims and analytical assumptions are so unwarranted as to be transparent balderdash.

The Schumer-Rubio bill is best known for its provisions to legalize (amnesty) most illegal immigrants in the U.S., estimated to be about 12 million, but possibly 20 million or higher.

The bill claimed by means of very shallow fiscal and absurd economic analysis that it would produce real growth and prosperity for all Americans. The bill had an elaborate scheme for phasing in its amnesty provisions, so that most of the costs would occur after the ten-year analysis time frame usually used by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), although it would create an increasing stream of deficit spending on immigrant services and welfare that would last for several generations. Senator Jeff Sessions (R) of Alabama, Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, objected that once the deceptively costed bill was passed, the usual scheme to pass another bill simply moving up the time table would take place, fooling the public and taxpayers on the full cost of legislation once again.

The independent Heritage Foundation, however, costed the bill out to 50 years to cover some of the ongoing Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid costs, revealing heavy fiscal deficits going beyond the 10-year CBO analysis. Their cost estimate was $6.3 Trillion, or an average of $126 Billion per year through 2063. It would have been higher if the legalization phases were implemented earlier, as would have been inevitable once the bill had passed. On ridiculously rosy projections, contrasting all prior experience, the CBO came out with a favorable budget projection. Their own analysis showed, however, that most Americans would suffer lower wages and lower employment opportunities, while the benefactors would be the businesses that hire cheap foreign labor, legal or illegal. According to an in depth analysis by the Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform (FAIR), the CBO also used a transfer of Social Security and Medicare legerdemain to make S.744 look fiscally acceptable. If they really did such a transfer, it would drive Social Security and Medicare bankrupt at an earlier date than now projected. Adding at least $126 Billion per year in welfare and services for amnestied illegal immigrants will bankrupt Social Security and Medicare soon enough.

There are several other substantial analytical “errors” in S.744 that are highly deceptive. The major costs of illegal immigration are borne by state and local governments, as would be the cost of amnesty. These costs were completely omitted from their already dubious analysis. Another enormous analytical error assumed that increased numbers of immigrant workers increase general prosperity. This is a dangerously false assumption for a welfare state, which we have become. It is monstrously false when the new workers are poorly educated and low-skilled.

In addition, there is a second major part of S.744 that would devastate the wellbeing of American workers and the middleclass. According to Senator Sessions and NumbersUSA, S.744 authorized more than 30 million MORE permanent legal (Green Card) workers to be imported and hired in the next decade. Our current legal immigration flow is slightly over 1.0 million per year or 12 million in a decade. This has increased from less than 300,000 per year before the 1986 amnesty.

In 2013, 20 Million Americans wanted a full time job and could not find one. The current level of 18 million is still appalling. Furthermore, increased legal and illegal immigration has suppressed American wages and job opportunities. American workers have made no real wage gains in the last 15 years.

Harvard labor economist George Borjas has found that businesses who use legal and illegal foreign labor profit $437 Billion per year from its lower costs. This is at the expense of $402 Billion to approximately 137 million middleclass and blue collar workers, or about $2,700 per year per American worker. According to Senator Sessions’ Subcommittee Chart Book, January 2016, real median household income in the U.S. is more than $4,000 below the level of 15 years ago.

How is it that Marco Rubio and other Republican Establishment candidates want to flood the American labor market with millions of new legal and illegal immigrant workers, when so many Americans cannot find jobs and are suffering economically? Follow the money!

Candidates for Congress must have lots of money to run big media campaigns, and campaign money is hard to get, unless you cooperate with the Chamber of Commerce and the big donor cabal. They have spent $1.5 Billion on lobbying and bribing Congress since the failed Bush-McCain-Kennedy amnesty and foreign worker surge bill in 2007.

Since 1970, the foreign born population in the U.S has grown from 9.6 million to 42.1 million, an unprecedented increase, which is proving extremely imprudent. Immigration is like chocolate. A modest amount of it is tasty and beneficial, but an overindulgence of it is gastronomical folly. Since 2000, 17 million legal and illegal immigrants have settled in the U.S., and 17 million Americans have left the labor force. From 2000 to 2014, foreign born workers increased by 5.7 million, and the number of native born workers decreased 127,000. Our effectively open border hiring of cheaper foreign labor is what is driving this. But Senator Rubio and several other establishment Republican Presidential candidates favor piling in more foreign labor. Rubio, McCain, Flake, Lindsey Graham, and Paul Ryan have the audacity to tell us there is a labor shortage. No credible documentation backs their outrageous false claim. When unemployment and non-participation in the workforce are rising and wages are falling. there is not a labor shortage! There is a labor surplus engineered by crony-capitalists and lobbyists buying Congressional votes. I think it is fair to call it corruption.

Is any politician who promotes this type of costly corruption a fiscal conservative? Can any be called a patriot? Is appallingly shallow and misleading analysis of legislation for the benefit of special interests acceptable for a potential Commander-in-Chief? Memorizing one minute streams of patriotic and emotion packed bromides is impressive, but does it make up for the thoughtless disregard for American workers and their families that Marco Rubio has demonstrated in his amnesty and legal immigration surge bill?

America has problems enough. Electing Republican Establishment and media favorite Marco Rubio President would be utter folly.

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