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Chad Nesbitt tells voters where he stands

Chad Nesbitt RSBy Heather Berry- Where are you from? Where were you raised?

I am from Asheville. I was raised in West Asheville.

How did your childhood influence your willingness to serve the community?

Growing up in West Asheville in the 1970’s and 80’s you learned how to fight or you got beat up. I was never one to get beat up! We always looked after our neighbors and if I did something stupid my Mom would bust my rear end. Today, Asheville’s liberal leadership are the bullies and they are trying to take over Buncombe County. These bullies need a real good spanking for they are nothing but adolescents that throw a temper tantrum if they don’t get their way and salivate over raising our taxes. I am happy to bring the paddle!

What’s your professional background?

I have been in the family business since the age of 13. My grandparents started our company in 1973 and today I am Vice President and General Manager. We are the largest power sweeping and sewer line cleaning company in NC. We do the jobs nobody else wants to do. I went to SCAD, Savannah School Of Art and Design, and discovered my passion for designing Hot Rods and television production. I am an award winning Hot Rod builder and have produced over 100 commercials, TV shows, and Talk Radio programs on Charter Media and SAGA Radio. My Mother was a real estate developer, interior designer, and entrepreneur. She taught me the value of marketing. I have been involved in politics since the age of 10. My Grandfather was a leader in Buncombe politics in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. I went everywhere with him as he took state and national candidates county to county meeting people. He taught me how to get people elected and tell the diffrence between a con artist and a genuine leader. In 1994 I became a conservative activist for children and strategist for the NC Republican Party. I have never lost a political battle.

How does this professional background give you an advantage/disadvantage in elected office?

LOL! Being in the garbage industry I can tell you trash is a dirty business and their are alot of dirty socialists in Buncombe that need to be taken out. These socialists are the liberal leadership of the city of Asheville and they are trying to take over Buncombe County. I make payroll weekly! That’s something progressives don’t know how to do. In my line of business I make deals with major corporations. Whether designing a storm water system or discussing managing the outside property of a shopping center I make deals where people make money and keep the enviorment clean at the same time. That’s what I want for Buncombe County voters. “I want citizens to make more money!” We do that by making deals with businesses that are already here in Buncombe. We get government out of their way so these businesses can breathe. Once we do that then they can expand, hire more people, and give raises to employees. As a businessman I budget everything and I don’t believe in duplicating services. Right now the county tax payers are loosing millions of dollars to services the feds are already paying for. When we stop that then we lower property taxes. As the former Chairman of the Buncombe County Republican Party I know how to run a meeting by parliamentary procedure. When elected chairman of the commissioners I run the meetings. I set the tone of the meetings. This means I will stop any liberal agenda on the table.

Tell us about your family. Wife, kids, how long have you been married, etc. –

My wife is Smokin Hot Beautiful! We have been married for 22 years and I fell in love with Nancy Nesbitt the first day I saw her. She cut my hair for 4 years before she would go out with me! Nancy is a cheerleading coach at Erwin High School and one of the most sought after Cheer coaches in the state. She is my soul mate. Our beautiful daughter Savannah is the light in our life. Savannah is the reason I am so close with the Lord. I was saved the day she was born. She is a senior at Western Carolina University, Captain of the cheerleading team, and majoring in hospitality, tourism, and marketing. We are extremely proud of her!

What do you love about Buncombe County?

Well not Montford! LOL! Those liberals that live there are the dumbest people on the planet. I couldn’t believe they overwhelmingly voted for politicians that went to Hawaii on the taxpayers dime! What I love about Buncombe County is our accent. There are not many of us left here that was born here but you can always tell a local by the way we talk. I am very proud of our Southern Appalachian dialect. The mountains we live in are breathtaking. This is “God’s Country” and when he painted this place he did it with inspiration!

What makes you the best candidate for commissioner?

I am a winning political street fighter and my record proves it. The people know that when I see the liberal leadership of the county try and push their agenda on citizens I speak out against them on the news, speaking the truth, and embarrassing them. As chairman, I will be able to finnish them off and stop them dead in their tracks because I will run the meetings where they vote. I have more experience in local and state politics then all elected local officials combined. I know how these liberals and RINO’s think. My Mom married a NC Democrat Senator which means I know where the liberals “buried the bodies” one might would say. The NC Democrat party does not want to mess with me or the citizens of Buncombe County. I am going to lead the other conservative commissioners in the direction of lowering taxes, affordable housing, and every citizen in the county make more money. I will not work with the liberals on the commission until they demonstrate the votes to lower taxes and put their agendas to the side. They will do what conservatives say or they will not do at all.

What elected/appointed positions have you held in the community?

In 2010 I was elected Chairman of the Buncombe County Republican Party. We got 5 out of 8 Republicans elected and that’s the 1st time in Buncombes history that that has happened. I was Chairman of the Carolina Stompers for 4 years with over 22,000 members statewide. Together we stopped some of the most liberal laws from being passed by using creative strategies to embarrass those trying to inflict them on North Carolinians. I’ve chaired several fundraising committees from the Shriners Hospital to the Erwin High School Boosters.

What are your core values? What will the community get if they elect you?

I believe in God! I am not ashamed to pray and in a town led by a bunch of atheists I think it’s important people know who I stand with. I am a father and a businessman. Young people can not afford rent or a house payment. I will vote to repeal zoning laws the commissioners have imposed on property owners which will lower the cost of rent, lower house payments, create communities, jobs, and new businesses. I believe in protecting our children and communities. Law enforcement and EMS are important to me. They deserve every raise and resource available. As my wife is a coach in the public school system I see daily what teachers go through. They are just not teaching they are baby sitting some unruly kids and teachers need protection. Our Republican legislators are the 1st to give teachers a raise but it’s the commissioners that divvy out the money which is more than half of the county budget and some of these teachers didn’t get a raise. They didn’t get it because the democrat led BC commissioners wanted Republicans to look bad. As if Republicans didn’t give everybody a raise. That kind of shenanigans is going to stop and raises will be given. I want everybody to make money! This means I will vote to repeal ridiculous laws and regulations that hinder business growth. I will vote to lower taxes. I will use my position as chairman to stop the liberals from taking over Buncombe County and if I don’t vote for what I say I will vote for I will resign.

What are your thoughts on traffic issues in North Buncombe, urban growth in Asheville and surrounding areas, public transportation for rural areas?

Traffic is a disaster in our county because of Brownie Newman. His strings are pulled by crazy environmentalists like the Sierra Club and he has led this “malfunction junction” into a wall. These people don’t want cars traveling near Asheville because they claim polution. Meanwhile traffic is just sitting there and we are all taking in the fumes. Asheville City Council and the county commissioners are also to blame. When voters put real conservatives in office we will build a beautiful gateway from I-240 to the new 1-26 to Weaverville but they gotta put us in there because these liberals wont do it.

What issues do YOU think are the biggest issues facing this county?

Making money and leaving people the heck alone! The liberal leadership of Asheville is trying to take over the county and young people can’t make it under their rules. As Chairman I will get government out of our way so we a can all make more money, lower our taxes, and repeal ordinances that hinder peoples lives.

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