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Republican nominees represent true diversity

Closing the stable after the horse has bolted describes Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech last Tuesday night. After almost seven and a half years in office Obama now appeals for civility and partisanship. This is the president who mockingly jabbed “I won” to Republican Congressional leaders during a 2009 meeting about Obama’s stimulus package where Republicans expressed concerns about spending and tax credits in the package. This is the president who has ignored military leaders’ advice on how to handle Isis and other U.S. involvements in world conflicts. This is the President who stated that “if Congress doesn’t act I will”. He has kept that “promise” by changing Obamacare law and making up his own amnesty law by executive orders. Soon to come are Obama’s proposed gun control executive orders that threaten our 2nd amendment rights. What comes out of Obama’s mouth has nothing to do with his actions.

Following the SOTU Democrat National Chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz discredited the Republican response speaker South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley as a Republican token female not fit to assume the response role. She then launched into a tirade about diversity. Democrat diversity in presidential candidates boils down to an aging governor, a socialist and a candidate about to be indicted for public corruption. All are northeasterners! No geographic diversity there! The Republican candidate slate includes business persons, physicians, a female, Hispanics, an African American, governors and senators hailing from states throughout the nation. That is a picture of the diversity in the USA and for that matter in the Republican Party Ms. Wasserman-Shultz. The Democrat Party and the Obama administration are a debacle that hopefully we will never have to experience in office again again.

Yours truly,

Carol Adams

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