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Commissioner candidate offers conservative values


Burchette RS

Jordan Burchette is a commissioner candidate for District 2 and shared in an informal discussion about his background, experience and the issues the citizens of Weaverville, Woodfin, Reems Creek and Barnardsville face.

Where were you born and raised? I’ve been in Buncombe County my whole life. I live in the Fairview area with my wife, Hannah, two kids, Kinsley and Tucker, and we are expecting our third child.

What’s your professional background? I work at Best Buy Metals as an assistant manager. I’ve been there for three years. There, I do delivery management, budget management and personnel.

Why do you want to serve this area? I’ve looked at the way the board has been set up, who is on the board now and who is running in District 2. (Noting that he has been involved with Senator Ted Cruz’s Presidential campaign), Buchette added:

I started looking at our local offices and who was running, there’s really a lot of progressive liberal agendas. Then, when I looked at the Republican side, I didn’t see there was a real firm defender. I feel those progressive policies are dangerous and they are going to continue to put us further in debt. I didn’t see anyone who was a real defender of the conservative values, which are important to me.

Really, a lot of the voters and people that I know in District 2, I feel they aren’t going to be represented well. So that’s why I decided to run. I’m running because I want to bring more fiscal responsibility and accountability to Buncombe County. We’re already in debt. Whoever takes this seat, if it’s a Republican, it’s going to be up to them, to try and stop the progressive leanings and spending. They are wanting to put another $50 million in debt towards the greenway project in Buncombe County. I think that’s irresponsible. I didn’t feel like there was a candidate that had the ability to defend the values that are important to me.

I think we need to get our budget under control and that we don’t add debt. Just last week in the commissioners meeting, they voted to take $50,000 of money that’s already borrowed and put it into the Asheville Art Museum. It’s irresponsibility like that, which I feel needs to be fought against.

I see a lot of danger in the sustainable development agenda that Buncombe County is currently pursuing. The greenways, the county buying up private property, I think is dangerous. I feel like the zoning laws in Buncombe County are too invasive. Those need to be relaxed or be fully repealed.

Basically, my platform is smaller government and more accountability. I want to make a big stand on repealing and keeping Common Core out of Buncombe County and standing against that. It doesn’t need to be replaced; it doesn’t need to be rebranded. It needs to be removed.

Higher rents and pricier housing seems to be stretching out to the outlying areas. Is this a concern to you?

We want to keep housing affordable. I feel like when you have an issue where zoning is pushing some of the big people out of certain areas, that’s contributing to that. I feel like in the county, you see a lot of corporate welfare, the county sending money to corporations, paying them to be in business. All these things, I think are contributing to a poor local economy which is going to affect housing.

What are the issues you feel most passionate about in this commissioner race?

I think the most important thing that anyone on that board can do is fight to get debt under control. Right now we have a deficit yearly. We’re spending more than we’re taking in. Getting that under control is going to be the biggest help to everybody.

What are your feelings on traffic in the area?

Our infrastructure needs to be dealt with. I think there needs to be a bipartisan effort to look at our area. I think we’ve outgrown our area.

What else would you like voters to know?

There is a candidate in Buncombe 2 that is a full spectrum conservative, that is running and believes, wholeheartedly, in conservative values and believes that they are not just a partisan issue. I really believe that full spectrum conservative values and ideas are what will build Buncombe County back to what it used to be.

For more information about Jordan Burchette’s candidacy, visit www.jordanburchette.org.

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