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Nesbitt Sends Critic A New Year’s Present

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570 WWNC’s Pete Kaliner Is Playin Possum

Republican Candidate for Chairman of the Buncombe County Commissioners Chad Nesbitt sent radio talk jock Pete Kaliner a “Happy New Year” surprise today.

Kaliner criticized Nesbitt, on his LIVE talk radio show because Chad Nesbitt was against PETA filing a lawsuit aimed at a small NC town. The town traditionaly lowers a possum from a pole in celebration to ring in the new year much like it is tradition to see if a ground hog sees its shadow on Ground Hog Day. In the talk jock’s childish rant Kaliner said Nesbitt, “blocked me from facebook” as if to say, “nobody blocks Pete Kaliner from facebook.” The talk jock furthermore endorsed Nesbitt’s opponent in the election.

Chad Nesbitt responded by sending Kaliner a toy possum with New Year’s party favors.

Nesbitt said, “Pete Kaliner is prima donna. He is not from the mountains, and his show is dead with an average of 3 callers. His show doesn’t have many advertisers. WWNC radio should consider a new host that is from Western North Carolina. A host that relates to locals, will engage listeners concerned about lowering taxes, and the majority of folks concerned about the liberal takeover of Buncombe County. A talk jock worrying about a small NC town lowering a rodent at a New Year’s celebration is just playin possum!”

Chad Nesbitt can be reached at 828-216-0147

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