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Cruz-Rubio Dustup on Immigration


The Obvious Bottom Line

Rubio soon became a co-chief sponsor along with Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer (Wall Street) of Senate bill S.744, disingenuously titled “The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act.” Other Republican senators in the so-called Gang-of-eight sponsor group included Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, all veteran sponsors of previous unsuccessful amnesty attempts under President George W. Bush.

Many conservatives, knowledgeable on immigration, fiscal, economic, and national security issues, believe the Schumer-Rubio S.744 amnesty and legal immigration surge bill, passed on June 27, 2013, was one of the most dangerous, potentially nation-destroying, and dishonest bills ever proposed in the United States Congress. The Heritage Foundation estimated the fiscal costs of the amnesty alone would be $6.3 Trillion or $126 billion per year over the course of 50 years. This presumes amnesties stop illegal immigration, but our past experiences indicate amnesties multiply illegal immigration by a factor of two to three over 10-20 years. Judging by other Heritage Foundation data on current illegal immigration costs, we could soon be spending over $250 billion per year on paying for amnesty and maintaining a new wave of illegal immigrants. In addition to these fiscal costs, the economic costs to American wage earners would be severe. Cheap foreign labor, both legal and illegal, is already costing American workers $402 billion per year (Borjas). Not counting American worker displacements, the legal immigration surge in S.744, would further depress American wages by the another $200 to $300 billion per year. In addition, national security and public safety would be increasingly jeopardized.

The bottom line is that Marco Rubio sponsored and voted for a reprehensible amnesty and a near-stealth cheap foreign worker importation scheme that would displace millions of American workers and drive down the wages of the rest. Ted Cruz along with Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions exercised strong leadership in opposing it and voted against it.

Ted Cruz’s attempt to derail the bill by amendments is by no means uncommon in Congress. After all, S.744 passed the Senate by 68 to 32. Desperate legislative maneuvers to derail such a heinously dishonest and devastating betrayal of American workers and taxpayers were in order. Fortunately, S.744 was stopped in the House, until Republican House Leaders John Boehner and Paul Ryan let President Obama get away with his unconstitutional administrative amnesty and recently even funded it.

Both Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan did extensive radio ads on conservative talk shows calling S.744 “conservative.” Genuine conservatives should be wary of establishment Republicans using such deceptive language. No one who voted for S.744 has a legitimate claim to call themselves a fiscal conservative; a friend to American workers, their families, and taxpayers; or a genuine patriot.

NumbersUSA grades candidates on immigration issues. As of December 18, the top three overall immigration grades for Presidential candidates went to Rick Santorum with A and Ted Cruz and Donald Trump both with A-. Marco Rubio, with a D, was among the bottom three candidates. The substantial backup for these grades is detailed and can be accessed online.

All Senate democrats voted for S.744, but here are the 14 Republican Senators who voted FOR the bill. Senate bill S.744, a.k.a. the Schumer-Rubio Bill, was basically a bill to approve amnesty for 12 million or more illegal immigrants and to import an additional 22- 33 million legal immigrant workers and guest-workers over the next decade.

The Four Republican Gang-of-Eight Sponsors:

Marco Rubio, FL

John McCain, AZ

Jeff Flake, AZ

Lindsey Graham, SC

The principal Democratic sponsor of S.744 was Chuck Schumer, one of the most experienced legislators in Congress and reputed to be one the smartest and shrewdest. In contrast, Rubio proved himself to be a light-weight unaware of and unable to anticipate the devastating fiscal, economic, social, and national security implications of amnesty and a new tidal wave of legal immigrant workers, much less demographic consequences that would probably bury the Republican Party.

Here are the other ten Republicans who voted for S.744

Lisa Murkowski, AK

Mark, Kirk, IL

Susan Collins, ME

Kelly Ayotte, NH

Jeff Chiesa, NJ

John Hoeven, ND

Dean Heller, NV

Lamar Alexander, TN

Bob Corker, TN (author of a key facilitating amendment)

Orrin Hatch, UT

I am not alone in my opinion that none of these Senators should ever be re-elected unless they publicly repent of their vote and acknowledge the probable consequences and costs of such legislation. Furthermore, Republicans would be very unwise to nominate a Presidential candidate financed by the cheap-labor establishment. Paul Ryan’s Omnibus Surrender Budget passed on December 17, may be the last straw for the Republican establishment.

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