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Sharia Finance has been adopted into all our major financial institutions

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I wonder if people even understand that the former Harvard Law School Chair and Obama appointed Supreme Court Justice, Elena Kagen, along with then Harvard President (and Obama cabinet appointee), Larry Summers, started the First Sharia School of Finance at Harvard with a twenty million dollar gift from Saudi Arabia, and do they understand what exactly “Sharia Compliant Finance,” SCF, means?

The U.S. has adopted and integrated Sharia Finance into all our major financial institutions, (AIG, Bank of America, Citicorp, Goldman Sachs, J.P.Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch,Morgan Stanley Capital, Wachovia-via Wells Fargo, and more.) Sharia finance forbids, as haram, (an Arabic term meaning “sinful”, usually in reference to an act forbidden in Islam) the investment of Islamic money in any institutions or businesses that benefit the U.S. military or any of our allies’ military,(aircraft manufactures, electronics, etc.); it, as haram, also forbids any and all investments that could benefit “the State” of Israel, all ancillary businesses like food service suppliers, if they supply military bases, and even companies that make military clothing, or shoe strings for military boots for our military or our allies. Any investment in companies that supply military hardware, textiles, weapons, etc., for Muslim countries is permitted, of course. Investment in businesses that are “haram” are forbidden, as well, like the music industry, gambling, pornography, but these are in a different category that do not actively work against America and our sovereignty the way a ban on investment in U.S. defense does.

The entire concept of “Sharia Compliant Finance,” is unconstitutional and should have never been allowed to have a foot in the door in the U.S., but financial institutions were looking at the billions of dollars that were not being invested within American financial institutions because of portfolios that were not Sharia Compliant, and decided they would capture those Islamic investments by creating these departments within our financial institutions.

This unfortunately is the true meaning of “Creeping Sharia.” People have no idea that this has already been accomplished and is now embedded. Good luck trying to reverse course or close it down. It’s like Saudi Arabia not offering to take any of the “Syrian” refugees flooding into Germany, but extending their support to Angela Merkel by offering to build “ 200 Mosques.”

This is the spread of the Caliphate through Sharia with assistance from our President, CAIR, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc., who all know it. Our financial institutions have already accepted Sharia, or “submission,” to the superiority of Sharia. Our Supreme Court is front loaded with those who would replace the Constitution with global law and “ xceptions” with respect for Sharia. We are so far down the rabbit hole, I don’t know if we can escape.

Trump was correct to call for a temporary ban on admission of Muslims until we further scrutinize the admission process, as was Senator Cruz, in calling for a moratorium on the admission of Muslims from hotbeds of jihad, for three years, until the vetting process is developed. The California jihad couple were Sharia observant Muslims long before they came to U.S. and had attended a known Sharia observant Mosque that promoted jihad, but our “vetting process” gave them an entry.

The biggest attack on the homeland since 911 was not this attack in California, as all the networks keep repeating, to my disgust. What the hell did they call the Boston Marathon Bombing where 3 people died and 264 people were left as amputees, quadriplegics, blind, paralyzed…are you kidding me?

And Obama had warnings about the Tsarnaev’s, their Mosque and Imam from Russia and Saudi Arabia, for well over a year before the attack, but did not pursue because of U.S. Obama instituted impediments. Ft. Hood was the same. Nidal Hasan was known as the “Soldier for Allah,” on his business card.

Political correctness that is pervasive in the Obama and Bush military after 911 discouraged anyone from speaking out about Hasan for fear of losing rank or being discharged. Hasan knew that the canteen and entire base were “gun free zones,” and took advantage of that to inflict his jihad. I don’t remember the exact numbers, but many were killed or permanently maimed, paralyzed, blinded, and were multiple amputees. What the hell is this statement that this is the biggest attack since 911. Americans are not that gullible to swallow that propaganda.

I am disappointed, and frankly disgusted, (because I had faith that she was more informed and intelligent), that Fiorina stuck her two cents in to criticize and pile on these candidates. It only shows her ignorance of the Quran and Hadith and American history that she would publicly try to shame Trump and Cruz for calling for the same types of security measures Carter used in totally restricting Iranian immigration for a period of time, Japanese internment by Roosevelt, and the ban imposed on all legal immigration from 1924-1965, which was instituted for the express purpose of “assimilation” and National Security.

Rush has repeated many times that there was “no immigration from 1924-1965, which I have not had a chance to properly research to verify, but intend to get to in the next week. I don’t know how many Jews, or their classifications, that were brought to the U.S. during WWII and after that may be referenced as “refugees,” rather than “immigrants”- that may be the stipulation. But, if Fiorina does not understand the existential National Security threat to our country by the flood of illegal immigrants coming across the border, combined with the flood of unvetted Muslim refugees, (many whom never intend to assimilate, but desire jihad), she becomes a threat, too. Our FBI and CIA have been blocked from doing proper surveillance and security by the Obama administration.

The U.N., in concert with Obama, have erased American and State sovereignty by dictating how many Muslim refugees we must accept and where they are “re-settled.”

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