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RE: The Islamic Invasion of Europe: Syrian Refugees and Civilization Jihad

We knew all this would happen way back in the 1960’s. 1972 Munich. Entebbe. 1982 Lebanon – check out Rolling Stone magazine that year showing photos of jihadi kids with AK’s. Rolling Stone on the right side in 1982!

Iran 1979, hostages. Lockerbie. Arafat and the PLO slicing heads and hijacking planes. Kuwait. USS Cole. Nairobi. Need I go on?

World Trade Center. Dutch cartoonist. “Islamic Flag over the White House by 2020.” Well?

Skousen knew it in the 1950’s. Savage knew it in the 1980’s.

Why is this a surprise? Why do we say, “OK, OK, I got it. What can we do?” It’s easy. Bomb, eradicate, boycott, embargo. No American lives lost. Back Israel. Cut off CAIR and deport them all. Hold Congressional hearings – oh wait – no more Joe McCarthy. Joe was right! No wonder he died a broken man!

When people sound the alarm and they are mocked, no one else wants to do the work.

God bless Mike Scruggs as one of a handful still at full blast.

You can quote me. Print it too.

Tom Wise

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