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FOLLOW THE MONEY,, click “Elections-Buncombe County”, click “Candidates”, click “Campaign Financial Reports”. If you vote for the current advertised “ticket”: Hunt; Simerly and Mayfield, this will guarantee more of the same type City Council actions as the past 2 years; likely, even more “special interest” type decisions. Question, do you want a well-rounded “thinking” Council; or, a Council that “always acts as one”?

Shake up the status quo and elect new council candidates that will question: expenses both operational and capital; special interest group policies and financing; and, City Manager recommendations and management.

Those candidates are: Haynes, Asheville native, focused on human needs, a giver, not a taker; and, can connect with the younger generation. Keith Young, Asheville native, African-American, outstanding credentials, currently involved in governmental services; and, like Abe Lincoln, he has sought public office several times. Beginning in the late 60’s we have had a member of the African-American community on Council except for the past 2 years and 6 other years in total. Rich Lee, strong in finance matters, good background as a volunteer dealing with city matters, gives us a West Asheville point of view.

Ken Michalove,

former Asheville Mayor

and City Manager

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