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Unmentioned Consequences of Refugee Resettlement


Part 2 of a Series  /  Transformation and Dispossession

       By Mike Scruggs-  Last week’s article on Trojan Horses, Fifth Columns, and the Islamic doctrines of Jihad and Hijra (immigration) brought some email confirmations of President Obama’s increasingly aggressive transformation of America by immigration. It seems he is particularly eager to transform the traditional conservatism of Southern States by changing their ethnic and religious demography to something closer to Chicago, Dearborn, or Benghazi. This kind of transformation often results in dispossession as well.

     I received this email from a reliable source and friend who had recently spent a few days in Clarkston, Georgia:

“I was in Clarkston, Georgia, this weekend, and It was like being in a foreign country.  No white people left – White Flight – they lost their value on their homes and left there to go find work elsewhere. It was dirty and hardly anyone spoke English.  Who is this that has the right to move these people in on us with a group of people who don’t like us and force everyone else out because it is no longer safe to live there?”  

This was sad news to me, because I spent so much of my formative years in North Georgia—high school, the University of Georgia, and many pleasant times with family and friends.

Clarkston is a town of about 7,600 people in DeKalb County Georgia, just east of Atlanta It was once a comfortable suburban area. The town has been subject to several demographic trends common to Georgia, and especially the Atlanta area.  Probably, the most dramatic, however, has been the State Department’s Refugee Resettlement Program, beginning in the 1990’s.  It has made Clarkston one of the most ethnically diverse communities in America, including a mosque that boasts attendance of over 800. Although the city has a high quality public relations program going for it, there are some things that have been swept under the rug. This is evidenced by the decline of the white population, which has now fallen below 14 percent. Apparently the white exodus has not been simply a matter of moving on to better opportunities. According to my friend, there are hundreds of vacant homes in Clarkston, but taxpayer funds are being awarded for large apartment complexes.

The economic and cultural losses of Clarkston’s former residents, however, seem of little concern to the State Department and the largely federally funded quasi-religious resettlement contractors. Local churches and church groups often sponsor Refugee Resettlements with hopes of evangelizing those who have never heard the gospel. However, the refugees are actually selected by the United Nations, which is now heavily influenced by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and Leftist bureaucrats. In addition, the State Department harbors considerable resistance to such evangelism. In Clarkston’s case, which began prior to the Obama Administration’s anti-Christian environment, there is more opportunity for evangelism than the State Department would normally tolerate.  However, recent refugee programs have been heavily Muslim, although it is the Christians in the Middle East who are being forced to flee. The Federally funded contractors are paid on a per refugee basis, which is an unfortunate conflict of interests impacting not only taxpayers but the communities whose quality of life is put at risk. The presence of Federal money can also be a corrupting influence on the community businesses that works to the disadvantage of most residents.

The most appalling thing about the State Department Refugee Resettlement program is that local communities have little choice in the matter unless they can raise such a stink that the State Department and the State Governments involved decide to avoid the negative publicity and resultant political consequences from the fallout. The State Department and State Governments involved typically give little warning and opportunity for local government and citizen input. This is probably by design.  As the Clarkston case indicates, the dispossession and economic damage to local residents can be devastating. This secretive atmosphere also offers tremendous opportunities for contractor and state and local business corruption. Local sponsoring churches usually have no idea of the catastrophic, community-destroying consequences that refugee resettlements can bring, which also include serious public safety and national security considerations.

The Spartanburg, South Carolina Refugee Resettlement is being hotly contested by citizens and the Spartanburg County Republican Executive Committee, who passed a resolution against it last week, but they are being stonewalled by the majority Republican County Council and the State of South Carolina. Republican Governor Nikki Haley signed a Refugee Resettlement Plan on August 7 that listed Spartanburg, Greenville, Charleston, Richland, Dorchester, and Lexington as primary resettlement targets.  Several low-publicity resettlements are already underway in North Carolina.

Spartanburg and other cities selected for resettlement projects are significant parts of a full court press by the Obama Administration to deluge the United States with greater and greater Muslim immigration. Last year, the U.S. admitted 117,423 Muslims for permanent legal residence. In addition, 122,921 entered the U.S. on temporary work or student visas. Another 39,932 arrived by refugee and asylum programs. The total was 280,276. The Obama Administration is planning to bring in between 85,000 and 100,000 per year in refugee programs alone in 2015 and 2016.

This has a strong potential for creating a huge enemy insurgency with Trojan Horse bases all over the United States. Our foolish immigration policies are paving the way for successful fifth column subversion and Jihad against the American people and the United States Government.

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