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Local Hospital Denies Veteran’s Wishes


Will the disgrace to our veterans ever go away?

Yesterday (approx. Sept 7) a young lady came into my store asking if I had a small Marine flag. I said no and asked her why she needed it. She told me her grandfather, a 20 year Marine vet, was on his death bed in Mission Hospital. He had brought his own Marine flag that was dear to him and hung it in his room. He was both a Korean and Vietnam vet yet the hospital staff made him remove the flag. She said it upset him terribly, and she was hoping to give him a little bit of comfort by finding a small flag they couldn’t possibly object to.

A last wish of a dying man to see his colors and honor he brought to our nation.

I am a veteran, my father, my grandfather, my great grandfather, etc., back to the beginning of fighting for our country. I know many veterans and to my knowledge the only thing all of us have ever asked of our country is a simple thank you and the respect that serving our great country deserves.

So my question remains…

Will the disgrace to our veterans ever stop?!!!

Bob Powell

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