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Trump Plans Crack Down on Muslim Immigration

Social Conservatives Iowa
Social Conservatives Iowa

Most Other 2016 Presidential Hopefuls Silent

Despite the criticism of Trump’s plan by establishment Republicans Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Chris Christie, and Carly Fiorina, he consulted with the most knowledgeable, respected, and incorruptible resources on immigration issues to formulate them—the Center for Immigration Studies and U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions and his staff.

So far as I know, the only other 2016 candidate talking about reducing Muslim immigration is Rand Paul. Rick Santorum has at least implied it by calling for a reduction in legal immigration. I suspect several others are also concerned, but silent concern does not count for much. The question of Muslim immigration will certainly be controversial but avoiding such a question should be counted as moral cowardice and flagrant disregard for the security and common good of the American people.

There are still many in the Republican establishment who have bought into the G.W. Bush and Karl Rove mantra that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. This is despite mountains of evidence in the Koran, the teachings of Muhammad, history, and current events that Islam seeks to dominate all other religions and political philosophies by whatever means necessary. The primary method suggested by Muhammad, the Koran, and confirmed by history is armed Jihad. The choices for non-Muslim conquered peoples are conversion, a form of political and economic slavery, or death. The unstated fourth choice is to flee any nation or area that comes under Muslim dominance and Islamic Law (Sharia). However, Islam is expanding everywhere by sword or by immigration and high birth rates.

Meanwhile, Obama is silent on the ongoing slaughter and persecution of Christians in the Middle East and elsewhere. Obama’s so-called bombing attacks on ISIS positions in Iraq and Syria are so meager and restricted by absurd “rules of engagement” that they “are a joke,” according to a retired Air Force friend of mine with close and knowledgeable active duty contacts. Obama continues to accelerate Muslim immigration to the U.S. in all forms. Muslim immigration to the U.S. now exceeds 100,000 per year. Sizable communities of Somali refugees are being dumped on American cities with unhappy cultural and public safety consequences. An armed insurgency against U.S. military and local law enforcement agencies by organized Islamic fundamentalist military and terrorist forces is no longer a remote fantasy.

There are actually two ways Islam plans to conquer Europe and the Western Hemisphere. The first is mass immigration. This is not only obvious from what is going on in Europe, but the FBI has confirmed with plentiful documentation that conquest by immigration is the primary strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood to take over the United States. This mass-immigration method is called al-Hijrah in Arabic and is meant to be the first step of Jihad. Once the Muslim population reaches an influential political mass, agitation is followed by whatever terror and violence is most expedient to impose Muslim rule and Islamic Law.

What about moderate Muslims? There is no form of moderate Islam that is not considered heresy punishable by death by the mainstream teachers of both Shia and Sunni Islam. One group of genuine moderates are the Alawites in Syria. But Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood “Free Syrian Rebel” allies would like nothing better than massacring them along with their Christian friends. In fact, Alawite minority rule of Syria is the reason for the so-called civil war in Syria, with most of the rebel troops coming from Muslim Brotherhood financed al-Qaeda and Hamas volunteers from around the Middle East. The Alawites and Christians each comprise about 10 percent of Syria’s population. There are many Muslims, however, who are either secularized or essentially only cultural Muslims. But remember, the violence of Islam comes right from the Koran. Islam is not a religion hijacked by radicals. Its core teachings are radically hostile to Western civilization and Judeo-Christian worldviews. That is why a sudden interest in reading the Koran has become a warning signal of radicalization. Another discouraging sign about Muslim moderates is that very few will speak out against terrorism and Jihad. Moreover, when Christian areas were recently overrun by ISIS savages, many so-called moderates quickly allied with ISIS and joined in hunting down and slaughtering Christians of all ages.

Islam poses a huge risk to the U.S. because of both their terrorist tactics and their Koran-motivated plan to conquer every land—with grim consequences for the freedom and lives of the conquered. Uncontrolled immigration and the tools of cultural Marxism—political correctness, multiculturalism, and coercive imposition of cultural diversity—have numbed American awareness of their extreme jeopardy and intimidated any formidable response for self-protection.

Why won’t the media ask all 2016 Presidential candidates about the dangers of Muslim immigration and their plan to keep America safe from terrorist violence and political and cultural subversion? It is not only political correctness but also the long arm of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration and enormous financial power. Why don’t more candidates take a position? Are they ignorant of the situation, too dense to connect the dots, or just spineless weasels? What would be their policy? Why aren’t you asking all political candidates for Federal office these questions?

Tough questions on Muslim immigration are absolutely necessary for American survival—perhaps for your survival and your family’s survival. Thousands or perhaps millions of lives could depend upon wisdom and firmness in dealing with Islam and in controlling immigration. Making immigration a sacred cow is a sure path to our disintegration as a nation. Failure to recognize Islam for what it really is lies on that same extremely dangerous path. This is not a time to be electing a President on the basis of the usual shallow criteria. It is not the time to fence our political discussions within politically correct limits. America is in big trouble and very real danger that we have foolishly brought upon ourselves.

We need a LEADER who is well-informed, both intelligent and wise, firm in principles and resolve, incorruptible, a leader with foresight, energy, forthright courage, and ethical and political backbone, not stuffed with the rot and moral timidity of political correctness.

But above all consider this: “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD.” Psalm 33:12.

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