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Protesters help to highlight undercover videos on Planned Parenthood

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The horn blowing was from drivers in response to signs being held by the pro-lifers reading “honk for life.” The demonstration was organized by Life Advocates and was part of a nationwide event that was set to be held Saturday (Aug. 22).

“We’re part of a national protest against Planned Parenthood, where we’re having protests in over 300 cities. That date is tomorrow (Saturday),” said Mick Hunt, who heads up Life Advocates.

“We’re out here a day early because Planned Parenthood is open for abortions and so I thought we’d take a little different approach and rather than just say to ‘Defund Planned Parenthood’ and ‘Abortion is not healthcare’ and, here, we’re just asking people to ‘Honk for life’ and we’re getting a pretty amazing response.”

Recent undercover videos by the Center for Medical Progress has put Planned Parenthood (PP) in the spotlight over the use of aborted baby’s body parts and the discussion by PP officials about money in exchange for those parts.

Asked if the recent undercover videos had spurred the protest, Hunt said, “Certainly people have been reinvigorated by the videos…to see just blatant, callous disregard for life by the people of Planned Parenthood and the question of whether they’re selling baby parts and making a profit, you know that may be up in the air, although the videos seemed to show that they were trying to maximize the amount of money they were going to make.”

Hunt went on to say that, “Planned Parenthood has been throwing up a smoke screen saying the videos have been heavily edited. That’s just part of their ongoing, deceptive campaign.” He added, “I think there is a real possibility of getting Congress to leave Planned Parenthood out of the budget. That would deprive them of about $500 million per year.”

“Planned Parenthood plays this little trick, like with one hand they do healthcare and they use public money for that, but with the other hand, the same entity, abort children and somehow they’re trying to make people believe that that’s separate. It’s not.” Hunt has been protesting abortions since 1988.

Protestors from both sides of the issue were out on Saturday in front of the abortion clinic. WLOS reported about 100 supporters of Planned Parenthood and about 300 pro-life protesters showed up to voice concerns over the issue.

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