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(If Any Immigration Questions Are Asked)

Sifting out the Political Weasels, Dunces, Jellyfish, and Homework-negligent

The Democrat Party is now almost completely controlled by political leaders who want to achieve permanent political dominance by means of massive immigration. They want to stack the electoral deck with overwhelming millions of new Democrat-leaning voters who want bigger government welfare and healthcare programs. With the help of ill-informed, weak-willed, stupid, or corrupt Republicans, they have brought the nation very near the point of no return. It will not take much more uncontrolled immigration or thoughtless policies to put an increasingly radical and totalitarian Democratic Party in permanent control of the United States and to push our once great Republic down a steep and slippery slope into economic bankruptcy, social chaos, and helpless vulnerability to predatory nations and the fanatical violence that has always characterized Islamic fundamentalism.

The businesses that relentlessly lobby Congress, state legislatures, and county commissions to assure they can continue to profit from paying lower-than-competitive wages and benefits at the expense of American workers and their families contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to political campaigns each year. These businesses and their national associations usually claim to be advocates of free enterprise, but in reality they are violating the very ethical and patriotic principles necessary to sustain and strengthen a free economy. They are what economist Thomas J. DiLorenzo calls “political entrepreneurs,” a breed of business leaders who gain competitive advantage by political influence rather than innovative methods, technology, service, and products.

In the process, they trample their more honest and patriotic business competitors, especially small businesses, and put off the inevitable necessity for innovation to keep the American economy strong.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the most powerful and influential of these lobby groups. The Republican Party should have vigorously opposed amnesties, excessive legal immigration hurting American workers, and the near complete collapse of immigration enforcement at the workplace, but too many were bought off by the Chamber and its ilk. These lobby groups and the politicians they influence are the main reason that our immigration laws have been only nominally enforced for decades. They are the principal reason that American workers have not prospered for the last fifteen years even as their productivity increased and the top line of the economy looked good. These business lobbies and their political allies are a large part of why we still have 16 million Americans who want a full-time job and cannot find one. Many millions more have given up and dropped out of the American workforce. Yet we tolerate maintaining 8.5 million illegal immigrant workers in the country.

The Chamber and its ilk have lavishly financed Republicans who are willing to betray the vast majority of Republican and conservative voters, who oppose amnesty and believe that jobs, prosperity, and fair play for American workers is the key to real economic growth and a strong nation,. The Democrats are, of course, the ultimate winners in this scheme of political bribery. They are going to get political contributions and VOTES. Common sense and several academic studies show that amnesty will gain no immigrant votes for Republicans and alienate a significant percentage of their conservative (former) support. Too many Republicans don’t get it. Others, influenced by financial support from the cheap labor lobby, have deceived themselves into believing that repeating the mantra “America is a nation of immigrants” is an adequate immigration policy for the Twenty-first Century. They turn their backs on the harm being done to most Americans and the ultimately nation-destroying consequences of hiding foolish and corrupt immigration policies under flowery platitudes and politically correct bromides. As a nation, we cannot afford for immigration to be a sacred cow.

So how do we cut through the platitudes, bromides, weasel words, and issue-avoidance dances to identify political candidates who are informed, intelligent, and courageous enough to fight for immigration policies that will best serve the American people and preserve our heritage of liberty? Based on more than 15 years of study and writing on immigration, I have prepared a brief anti-weasel checklist that also sorts out the misinformed and uninformed. I strongly believe that candidates for Congress, and especially for President of the United States, should have done their homework on immigration issues. So far, it is easy to see that many Presidential candidates do not even see the necessity of such. Many have naively embraced widely accepted but badly misinformed excuses for amnesty and excessive legal immigration.

Here are some brief but crucial points to evaluate candidate positions on immigration:

Securing our borders is necessary but not sufficient to stop illegal immigration.

Almost all candidates say they will secure the border, but addressing border security alone is a common way of dancing around important immigration issues without really saying anything.

The most effective way to stop illegal immigration is to turn off the employment magnet by enforcing immigration law at the workplace.

If the magnet is turned off, few will come, and most of those here will go home on their own ticket. If you want real reform, do not vote for a candidate who does not clearly support workplace enforcement and programs like E-Verify to screen out illegal work applicants.

Illegal immigrants do not have to sneak across the border. Nearly half get a tourist, student, or temporary work permit and then skip out to do whatever they want or take a higher paid job or welfare.

Good candidates for public office should be willing to support a system of monitoring visas and enforcing immigration law against those who have violated our trust.

Beware the False Dilemma. Watch out for candidates who say we have no choice but amnesty. This is ill-informed or disingenuous nonsense. The more disingenuous raise the specter of rounding up millions of people and shipping them out in railroad boxcars. The misinformed claim that it is an impossible and prohibitively costly task. They have been misled by the disingenuous into a false dilemma.

According to NC Listen, Ben Carson is the latest candidate to make such a poorly informed statement: “it’s impractical to round up 11 million illegal aliens,” so he says he “will give them work permits and have them pay back taxes.” Disappointing! Please call the Center for Immigration Studies and have them help you with your homework, Dr. Carson.

Simply applying immigration enforcement at the workplace would reduce illegal immigration to pre-1987 levels within months, and in a few years most of those already here would pack up and go home at their own expense. The relatively small remainder could be cleaned up with consistently applied normal enforcement over a number of years.

Illegal Immigration is very costly, but amnesty is even more costly.

A Heritage Foundation study found that unlawful immigrant households receive $14,387 per year more in benefits and services than taxes paid. Based on Senate bill S.744, which Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham both sponsored and voted for, the cost of amnesty with Obamacare eligibility would increase to nearly $28,000 per household per year. Assuming no more amnesties or illegal immigration, the cost over 50 years would be $6.3 Trillion. BUT amnesties do not stop illegal immigration; they multiply it. They also tend to beget more amnesties. Jeb Bush and probably other Republican candidates advocate similar programs.

Do the easy math. With 16 million Americans unable to find full-time work, do you think we need to increase legal immigration?

About two-thirds of American voters believe legal immigration should be reduced from over one million per year. Yet S.744, in addition to amnesty, would have authorized another 20 million legal immigrant workers over the next decade. Is this good for American workers? The Chamber likes it. Do we need more guest workers or should we begin to phase guest-worker dependence out?

Watch for amnesty is not amnesty.

Republican candidates for amnesty seldom admit it. Requiring amnestied illegal immigrants to pay insignificant (or waivable) fines and some back taxes and to learn English, etc. are just political deception gimmicks. Unless illegal immigrants have to go home, it is amnesty and will have the same costly impact as other amnesties.

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