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Mountain Energy opens new convenience store

1530 Mt Energy Growler RS

Growler bar offers variety of 16 brews

Mountain Energy opens new convenience store on Long Shoals Rd, Skyland with a Schlotzky’s deli inside. Ashevillians can now enjoy the well known and liked Schlotzky’s menu again, and pick up one of many choice Growlers inside the Mt. Energy convenience store. With 16 brews on tap, get your growler filled up at any time, as this Mt. Energy is open 24/7, and just off Interstate 26, near Biltmore Town Square. Mt. Energy is locally owned and has more than one dozen stores in the region.

“With the explosive growth of the craft beer industry in North Carolina, Growlers are the latest effort to support retail beverage businesses, said NC Retail Merchants Association President and General Counsel Andy Ellen. “It’s great that local businesses are seizing this opportunity made possible by a law that NCRMA initiated and shepherded through the legislative process. The idea for it came from working with our members to look for new ways to support North Carolina business. We watched the success that South Carolina was having with its Growler law, and we realized this would be a great way for brewers to get more of their product out there and an easy way for consumers to gain access.”

This would not have happened without Rep. Chuck McGrady (R-Henderson) who sponsored the original Growler bill in 2013. This year, he once again championed the burgeoning Growler movement and sponsored a similar bill that became law that adds hard cider and wine to the list of what can now to be poured into growlers and sold. It didn’t take long to put the bill into play and it was approved quicker than anyone expected. Now, NCRMA is focused on helping retail members comply with growler regulations, making sure the customer has a good experience and that the growler is enjoyed responsibly.

“We want stores and restaurants to follow the regulations and we’re here to help people understand and apply them,” said Ellen. “If they don’t comply, we’ll be less likely to see these kinds of opportunities in future. Trust and respect is a part of it.”

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