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The Reign of Cultural Marxism

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First the Confederate Battle Flag—Then What?

Cultural Marxism, like its political correctness tool, is a system of social and cultural intimidation and bullying to shape and control human behavior, language, and thinking and thus the broader social, religious, and political culture. It is basically a method of getting people to believe culturally destructive lies and to intimidate any resistance to totalitarian tyranny.

The path of Cultural Marxism usually includes relentless repetition of the lies and then relentless persecution of any dissent or resistance. The first step is the social marginalization of dissenters and their beliefs, often resulting in negative economic consequences for them. The next step is to demonize the dissenters, their beliefs, and their symbols. This would normally be followed by criminalizing and punishing related behavior, speech, symbols, and even perceived attitudes. The last step in the reign of terror imposed by Cultural Marxism is unprovoked brutality and extermination. In such a society even whispers are dangerous, and potential informers are everywhere.

We are already seeing resistance to same-sex marriage subject to outrageous heavy fines. No sooner has the Battle Flag come down from its watch over Confederate dead, than its misinformed enemies are crying for every Confederate flag and every Confederate monument to come down. The Mayor of Memphis is even calling for Confederate General N. B. Forest and his wife to be disinterred from their Memphis graves. There is no end to the appetite for hatred generated by those who want to demonize and outlaw Southern symbols. Yet the politically correct media scarcely notes the unleashing of this reign of hatred. What will our society be like if Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton succeeds in criminalizing criticism of Islam?

What will the reign of Cultural Marxism and political correctness demonize next? Communist organizers in the past have tried to destroy political freedom and Constitutional rights by using several recurring themes. They have frequently promoted sexual freedom of all kinds, while shutting down political freedoms and persecuting Christianity. They frequently stir up exaggerated or contrived racial grievances. Communism has never been successful for long where Scriptural Christianity prevails. Hence they persecute Christianity with a vehement rage. Will the next Cultural Marxism target be the Christian cross or Christian chaplains in the military? It is already happening.

Unfortunately, political correctness has helped to form a false narrative of U.S. history that demonizes the Southern cause and its symbols. This false narrative originated as anti-Southern war propaganda and was expanded to ruthless tyranny during the “Reconstruction” years from 1865 to 1877. This false narrative and demonizing of the South had nearly passed into history by the late 1890’s after Union and Confederate veterans decided on their own to honor each other at joint reunions. In recent years, the demonizing false narrative has been revived to serve the political agendas of the Left. More recently, it has been embraced by politically correct big business and the Republican establishment.

Ignorance of the unjust tariffs and economic hardships imposed upon the South by Northern Congressional majorities beginning in 1824 is certain proof that South Carolina legislators acted with factual negligence in taking down the Confederate Battle Flag last week. How many of the ignorant self-righteous detractors of that flag and the Southern cause had ever even heard of the Morrill Tariff of 1860, signed just days before Lincoln’s inauguration in 1861. How many knew that the South was paying almost 87 percent of Federal revenues under a protective tariff system that benefited Northern industry and badly hindered Southern agricultural exports. The Morrill Tariff increased this burden by 67 percent, and 75 percent of the revenues were spent on Northern public works. Yet this major provocation to Southern secession has been largely swept under the rug by “court” historians. What did Lincoln’s chief economist, Henry Carey, believe was the chief cause of the war? It was the British and Confederate threat of free trade to Northern protective tariff revenues and the Northern shipping industry! Woodrow Wilson, probably our most scholarly President, said that the slavery issue was vastly exaggerated to make what was really a war against Southern political and economic Independence appear to be a moral crusade against slavery.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the South Carolina Chamber, and the Republican National Committee put tremendous pressure on South Carolina Republican legislators to take down the Confederate Battle Flag. The main underlying issue against the flag was unseen by the public and unmentioned by the press. Follow the money. It was all about big money from the Chamber and big donors, who felt the flag was hurting their businesses. Raising campaign funds is tough, so the Chamber usually gets it way. That is one of the reasons why we don’t do anything about illegal immigration. The Chamber wants cheap labor. One factor was sports–ending the NCAA sanctions against South Carolina teams because of the flag—really mostly about money.

The problem with all this, besides legislators serving primarily the interests of the Chamber and big business donors instead of the best interests of their constituents, is that not a lick of study went into looking into the historical truth or the consequences of caving in to political correctness. Many just took the word of the NAACP, the NCAA, the SPLC, the RNC, and other instigators that the Battle Flag is racist. Some succumbed to the fear of demonization by the media and abandonment by big donors. Most Republican legislators simply sided with the biggest donations and the most political influence without much serious thought. There was also pressure from Governor Nikki Haley, who seemed to be orchestrated by RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. She may be under consideration as a Vice Presidential possibility by some Presidential candidates. At least one Republican Presidential candidate exerted some pressure to drop the flag to keep conservative political issues out of mind and out of the primary. Little consideration was given to truth or maintaining the honor of Confederate soldiers and their descendents.

From what I have seen and heard on Facebook, Twitter, talk radio, and the local general stores in my county, the Republicans are not going to fare well on taking down the flag. They have essentially fallen for one of Saul Alinsky’s tricks. In their panic to be politically correct and well-funded, they have alienated a high percentage of their own voting base but have no chance of gaining any black votes. Attacks on Confederate and South Carolina Heritage are already escalating and conservatives may become angrier. The Republican legislators will have their Chamber financial support and promises, but they could very well lose both South Carolina Houses in 2016. But thank God for the minority of South Carolina Republican legislators who refused to betray South Carolina’s courageous heritage under tremendous pressures. May their tribe increase to recover South Carolina’s honor.

The celebrated Southern historian, Shelby Foote, noted that the Southern Cross came to stand for Law, in the sense of a government of Law rather than a government subject to the whim of tyrants or majorities. It stood for limited government and federalism (States Rights) against the dangers of concentrated and centralized government power. It stood for the principles of the constitutional federal republic of 1789 that the South felt were threatened by Northern political philosophies and ambitions. It stood for the rights gained and blood-sacrifices their forefathers had made in the Revolutionary War. Just as in the Revolutionary War, they were fighting against the evils of unjust taxation and many other abuses of power perpetrated by Northern political factions. Above all, Confederate soldiers were fighting to defend their homes from a ruthless Northern invasion.

The right to define the meaning of the Confederate Battle Flag or any flag belongs to those who by their history and shed blood own its heritage. Radical and lawless groups often display the United States flag, but this does not change its true meaning to fair-minded people. Nor should fair-minded people rightly associate the Confederate Battle Flag with evil because the very same groups expropriate and display it. Organizations such as the NAACP and SPLC have no moral right to define the meaning of Confederate flags to serve their propaganda agenda. TRUTH MATTERS. The practice of redefining and slandering someone else’s heritage and symbols is incredibly arrogant and stirs up needless strife. Honorable people pursuing a just and civil society do not seek to dishonor and marginalize the heritage and symbols of others.

Mike Scruggs is a retired financial consultant and corporate business executive. He holds a BS degree from the University of Georgia and an MBA degree from Stanford University. He is a former USAF intelligence officer and combat veteran of the Vietnam War, holding a Distinguished Flying Cross and Purple Heart. He is the author of The Un-Civil War: Shattering the Historical Myths, 2011, and Lessons from the Vietnam War: Truths the Media Never Told You, 2009. In addition, he has authored of over 500 articles on a wide variety of subjects.

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