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Nine Million More Immigrant Voters by 2016?


Changing America by Invasion 

By Mike Scruggs- On November 21, 2014, President Obama declared a unilateral executive amnesty for about five million illegal immigrants. This action was not within President Obama’s constitutional authority. But in early March 2015, after promising strong opposition to this unlawful amnesty, Republican Speaker John Boehner of the U.S. House and Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell of the U.S. Senate and their leadership teams essentially joined the Obama Administration and 100 percent of the Democrats in Congress to block conservative Republican attempts to defund it. Boehner and McConnell actively worked to secure enough Republican votes to assure Obama could have his amnesty. Thus a great outrage against the Constitution and the American people was allowed to begin its course to change the nation from a center-right political majority to a center-left political majority relentlessly pursuing a radical left social and economic majority with only token conservative opposition in the foreseeable future.

A Congress that will not defend the Constitution and gives no resistance to millions of unlawful amnesties is not likely to oppose quick citizenship and quick voting rights or even voting rights with no citizenship. Neither will they give anything but nominal opposition to massive vote fraud.

By the way, there is no list of five million illegal immigrants to be given amnesty. Thus President Obama will continue to expand the numbers and give amnesties as long as he wants, to as many as he wants, and to whomever he wants, because Congressional Republican leaders were too spineless to oppose him or disappoint their cheap-labor financial supporters. But they have betrayed the American people and especially American workers who will have to compete with a growing surge of new legal and illegal labor. They have betrayed American taxpayers, who will pick up a never-ending and ever-growing stream of welfare and increased social security costs. The public safety problems this will cause can already be seen in Baltimore. Our national security will depend upon the whim of any and every rogue nation or madman. The consequences of open-door terrorism could dwarf the tragedy of 911.

The President has now named a “Task Force on New Americans,” led by radical activist Leon Rodriguez. They are already in the process of urging over nine million foreigners to apply for naturalized citizenship in time to vote in the 2016 Elections.

A substantial majority of Republicans, especially conservatives, have opposed this transparent invasion of new Democrat voters. But the “moderate” to liberal minority of “establishment” Republican leadership in the RNC and Congress continues to move toward accommodation with what is essentially an invasion, that if continued, would certainly result in an unethical and unlawful  takeover of the U.S. and many state governments. We have no freedom or liberty, if our elections are determined by foreign invaders and the special interests that support them.

The establishment Republicans are mainly driven by huge financial donors who profit from cheap foreign labor at an enormous cost to the economic well-being of American wage earners, small businesses, and taxpayers. They also seem to have an insatiable desire for favor with liberal media. Perhaps that is why they quiver like jellyfish when bullied by the mindless slogans of cultural Marxism. That is why they cannot be trusted to defend the Constitution, our borders, our jobs, our religious liberties, or traditional Judeo-Christian values.

The first article I wrote on immigration fourteen years ago used the sinking of the RMS Titanic in April 1912 as an analogous example of complacency leading to tragic disaster. The newly built Titanic was the grandest ship afloat and thought to be so technologically advanced that it was «unsinkable.»She carried only half the lifeboats necessary for more than 2,200 passengers and crew. Taking on her last passengers in Ireland, the Titanic triumphantly surged through the icy North Atlantic at near top cruising speed. Her crew received and ignored eight iceberg warnings. Near midnight, the top lookout, who had forgotten to bring his binoculars, finally saw the looming threat ahead and rang the bridge. But it was too late to avoid the scraping and bumping damage to its starboard side that proved “unsinkable” a lie in less than three hours. Over 1,500 passengers and crew perished. Seven hundred survived to lament with heavy hearts the tragedy that complacency had wrought.

Our foolish accommodation to open-door immigration, amnesties, multiculturalism, unworkable left-liberal ideologies, shameless corporate greed, deceptive speech, dishonest politics, and irresponsible social policy have brewed a deadly national poison that nullifies common sense and moral clarity.

I have been warning in articles since 2001 that leftist Democratic immigration schemes and slavish Republican establishment accommodation to cheap-labor special interests were driving the national political meter steadily to the left. Now we are at the brink of our own foolish self-destruction. I hope it is not too late to stop it, but it is getting very, very, very late.

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