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STOP BHO’s false “refugee” resettlement program NOW


Dear Senators Burr and Tillis, and Representative Meadows:

Not only is the Obama administration allowing illegal aliens to cross our border in droves, but now the State Department is using MY tax dollars to buy one-way plane tickets to bring illegal aliens’ children here as well, according to Conservative

The White House believes that the journey across Central America is too dangerous. So instead, they are collaborating with illegal aliens already in the country to help fly their children and family members here directly.

You and your colleagues are responsible for appropriating money to the executive branch. Did you approve this?

Of course you didn’t approve it. No where in the budget or the recently passed continuing resolution is the executive given authorization to use taxpayer funds to literally import illegal aliens.

The way that the Obama administration is getting this done is by redefining these illegal immigrants as “refugees.”

How about instead of flying in Central American children, why don’t we extend refugee protection to the Christian survivors from the recent Kenyan university terrorist attack? Muslim terrorists just killed 147 students and many of them were Christians.

How about we extend refugee status to Christians in Iraq or Syria who are literally staring down the barrel of a gun as ISIS forces rape and pillage their way from village to village?

How about we work to make sure that ALL of the Iraqis and Afghans that risked their lives to help American and NATO forces are brought here before the al-Qaeda and the Taliban kill them and their families?

There are so many people out there who desperately need our help. When Congress appropriated money for refugee relocation assistance, it was never intended to go to illegal aliens’ children!

You MUST reassert your legislative authority and STOP this President from turning our immigration system on its head and paying to relocate Central Americans here. You might not have appropriated this money, but it makes no difference. If you won’t stop this, then there is no other option but to assume you support it.



Robert F. Heltman


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