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The Muslim Brotherhood in America

Part 5 of a series

Few insurgencies in history have been so generously endowed with financial power to influence and infiltrate a nation’s economy, education systems, media, and government.

Most of our largest financial institutions have been falling all over themselves for two decades to lure Middle Eastern oil money into their banks and investment funds. Multi-millionaire and billionaire clients are extremely profitable plums. Naturally, competing financial institutions are willing to accommodate the special religious needs of their Muslim clients to get, keep, and develop more Muslim business. This is called Sharia Compliant Finance (SCF).

This has also facilitated an enormous increase in Muslim immigration. From 2010 to 2013, nearly 300,000 legal Muslim immigrants arrived in the U.S. According to researcher and author, Paul Sperry, legal Muslim immigration over those three years exceeded legal immigration from Mexico and Central America combined. Few were subjected to any substantive national security vetting. With vast sums of oil money from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the Gulf Emirates, the Muslim Brotherhood can support thousands of immigrants planted in the United States for stealth Jihad. The Muslim Brotherhood does not have to depend upon volunteers. They can subsidize businesses and place people in jobs. Their enormous financial resources can buy equally enormous institutional influence.

Sharia compliant investments prohibit such impure products as pork, tobacco, gambling, music, drugs, pornography, and Western defense. SCF investments might include anti-aircraft missiles for Hamas backed Syrian rebels and nuclear weapons for Iran, but not a single bullet or weapon for the United States, Israel, or their allies. Once the financial institution has taken the bait, the next step is to hire Muslim approved SCF advisors. The second step might be to name a Muslim corporate board member. Thereafter, objections begin to arise about the financial institution’s other clients and investments. Anxious to keep their Saudi or Dubai billions, their policies are molded to promote whatever the Muslim Brotherhood wants and to prohibit dealing with Israel, defense firms, politically conservative media, or anyone the Muslim Brotherhood wishes to hinder or destroy. Sharia finance begins small, but grows into a Trojan Horse that dominates all major financial decisions. Six of the 10 largest U.S. financial institutions offer SCF products. Even the U.S. Treasury Department promotes it.

How about a major endowment for your favorite university? The Muslim Brotherhood, under some front name, can help. Of course, they will want to approve the department head and the major professors. Eventually the instructors and graduate students will reflect the gratitude of the university to wealthy Muslim Brotherhood donors. The Muslim Brotherhood’s priority for university endowments is Religious Studies. These give them religious credibility and moral influence in passing off Islam as being as American as apple pie. Only the new American apple pie will be anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, anti-Western, and anti-everything America has stood for in the past.

The Saudi government and wealthy Saudi Muslim Brothers are also buying large blocks of stock in U.S. companies. Saudi Prince al-Waleed bin Talai now owns 7 percent of News Corporation, the parent company of Fox News. He is the second largest stockholder next to Australian Rupert Murdoch, an advocate of U.S. amnesty and open-door immigration. Several years ago, al-Waleed called his friend Murdoch to complain about Fox News coverage of Muslim riots in France. The Fox News coverage changed its description from “Muslim riots” to “riots against poverty and inequality.”

The American people are just beginning to wake up to the fact that Islam’s primary front in its war against America is right here in America. It is a strategy followed successfully by the Communists in driving the French and later the Americans out of Vietnam.

This war against American culture is being fought in a philosophical and intellectual environment that severely inhibits American resistance. Too many American minds have been numbed and cowed into accepting the false tenets of multiculturalism and relativism. Too many cannot discern the distinction between reasonable and absurd applications of tolerance and between beneficial and unreasonable and destructive applications of diversity. Multiculturalism and diversity press upon the issues of race and religion, and on these issues especially, strident cultural Marxism and political correctness now preclude challenging data, logic, or conclusions.

Hence a Muslim Army Major at Fort Hood, Texas, can voice terrorist sentiments to his Army associates, and everybody is so cowed by political correctness that no one sounds the alarm. In November 2009, he killed 13 and wounded 29 people, but the Army and FBI report refused to admit it was a terrorist act, even though he was repeating “Allahu Akhbar” (Allah is great) as he murdered and maimed American soldiers. The Obama administration refuses to use such terms as ”terrorism” in connection with “Islam” or “Muslim.” Meanwhile, the U.S. Army teaches a sensitivity course to American soldiers going to Afghanistan that denies the violent nature of Islam taught in the Koran and practiced by Muhammad and his followers for 14 centuries. Chinese General Sun Tsu’s most famous principle of warfare was “know your enemy,” yet we insist on denying the reality of our enemy’s nature by embracing a fictional version of Islam rather than the truth.

Our denial of reality has allowed Muslim prison chaplains to indoctrinate 200,000 violent criminals into the violence-justifying Wahabbi brand of Islam. Over 20,000 Muslim U.S. soldiers are in the spiritual care of Muslim chaplains recommended and trained by the Muslim Brotherhood. Political correctness and Sharia Finance bribery are murdering truth, common sense, and America.

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