The Muslim Brotherhood in America-Part 4

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Plans for Subversion

It is an FBI documented fact based on a treasure trove of Muslim Brotherhood records, communications, and planning papers confiscated during a 2004 FBI raid on the Annandale, Virginia, home of a Muslim Brotherhood agent plotting to sabotage the 4.3-mile Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland. The documents confirmed what FBI and CIA agents had long believed—that the Muslim Brotherhood’s primary objective in the United States is to destroy our Constitutional system of laws and implement Islamic Law (Sharia) under a global Islamic government.

Muslim Brotherhood ties to the Hamas Palestinian terrorist organization were confirmed during the 2007 Holy Land Foundation Trial. The Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) was the largest Muslim Charity in North America. The U.S. Attorney’s office in Dallas, however, found overwhelming evidence that most HLF funds were being funneled to Hamas terrorists engaged in violent Jihad against Israel.

Evidence continues to mount that the Muslim Brotherhood, the largest Islamic political organization in the world, is engaged in “Civilization Jihad” against Western culture and governments. Their primary methods are deceit and stealth infiltration of Western governments and institutions, but they fully approve of violent Jihad when it furthers their plans and purposes. The Brotherhood (Ikhwan) created Hamas and Islamic Jihad as terrorist arms and have considerable influence over al-Qaeda and even the Iranian-backed Shiite Hezbollah terrorist forces.

Hamas and ISIS have the common objective of worldwide political and religious domination by Islam and Sharia law. Hamas is not as psychopathic as ISIS, but it still kills Israeli civilians, including children, by rockets and suicide bombs.

According to investigative journalist and author, Paul Sperry, every major Islamic organization in the United States is under Muslim Brotherhood control. All are engaged in informational deception about Islam and Sharia Law and play some part in MB plans for civilization Jihad against American culture, law, and Judeo-Christian influence.

In 1980, there were 481 officially recognized mosques in the United States. By 2005, there were 1,209, and the number is still growing. More than 80 percent of them were financed by oil money from Saudi Arabia and are under the control of MB front organizations in America. They teach fundamentalist Wahhabi doctrines that are inherently anti-Jewish and anti-Christian. Mosques are much more political than American churches, and the imams often excoriate Jewish and Christian influences on American foreign policy. Sermons that are given in Arabic are especially aggressive in calling for Jihad against Israel, the United States, and Western civilization. This worldview is also taught in MB controlled schools.

The Muslim Brotherhood plan to dominate North America has five phases. The first phase is to establish Muslim institutions and implant key MB leadership on a very discreet or secret basis.

The second phase is to gradually escalate the visibility of Muslim influence in society by gaining public sympathy and recognition by government, religious, and academic institutions. This includes infiltration of various levels and sectors of the government, including the Armed Forces. The final part of this phase is forming a secret shadow government within the government. Meanwhile our news and educational media are already paralyzed by political correctness and multiculturalism.

Phase three is now in its initial stages. It is to escalate their demands using mass media and the influence of infiltrated government, educational, and religious organizations. Planting of mosques and schools will be more aggressive, using American tolerance to advance Islam’s intolerance for all other religious and worldviews.

Phase four is open confrontation with government through political pressure and mass demonstrations. This phase includes training in the use of weapons both at home and abroad.

Bribery and intimidation of political, civil, business, education, and media leaders will escalate throughout phases two through four. Wherever possible, they will use our democratic values to defeat us.

Phase five is to seize power and establish an Islamic nation. The U.S. Constitution and system of laws would be replaced by Sharia and institutionalized Muslim dominance over American culture, religion, and the economy.

FBI archives from the 2004 Annandale raid are thoroughly informative on MB subversion and infiltration objectives. Higher immigration and birth rates are cited as an important tool. Assimilation, except for the purpose of infiltration and political and social influence, is not a goal. One of the goals of the MB is to increase the Islamic identity and doctrinal adherence of all American Muslims. Additional American mosques will symbolize Islamic dominance.

Co-opting American political leadership by relentless propaganda and misinformation on the nature of Islam is a major strategy for MB success. They have been so successful at this that FBI and CIA reports contrary to the counterfactual propaganda image of Islam as “a religion of peace and tolerance hijacked by a few radicals” are not welcomed by top levels of American political leadership.

Subverting the U.S. educational system is a major goal. Their plan takes advantage of the slavish American media and academic preoccupation with multiculturalism, diversity, tolerance, and political correctness. This even includes controlling the language of the debate, eliminating terms like “terrorism.”

Considerable emphasis is placed on infiltrating and neutralizing American religious institutions! The most vulnerable are those whose doctrinal standards have eroded to accommodate universalism and theological pluralism.

The lure of billions in oil money is being used to infiltrate American financial institutions by demanding Sharia compliant financial instruments and board representation. This financial Trojan Horse could severely compromise our banking system and economic independence.

Most MB subversion and propaganda techniques are strikingly similar to Cold War Communist and New Left methodology. Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals must be almost as popular as the teachings of Muhammad with MB ideologues. The techniques of leftist “community organization” are prominent: unremitting claims of victimization, continual escalation of demands, a constant stream of lawsuits (lawfare), and relentless smearing of critics with almost automatic charges of racism, bigotry, xenophobia, and Islamophobia.

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”—Thomas Jefferson

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