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The Asheville Symphonettes’ Fashion Show


The executive director of the Asheville Symphony, David Whitehill, put his faith into the Symphonettes by purchasing a bright red Vespa for us to raffle off. Everyone at the show wanted to take a picture with it! Raffle tickets are selling for $25 and the scooter is appearing at various events around Asheville this Spring. The finale drawing will be in June with a maximum of 999 entries. The Vespa’s next stop will be The Amadeus festival itself which will take place March 14th through the 22nd as a tribute to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The concerts will begin March 17th at the Diana Wortham Theater. This event is anticipated to attract visitors and performers worldwide. As a passionate member of the club, and a young musician myself, I am pleased to see that the Symphonettes are able to take such a part in expanding awareness of classical music among the youth as well as our Asheville community.

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