Climate change nonsense needs to change


Letters- I don’t think I have ever read two articles, in the same newspaper, on the same day, more outstanding than your edition for January 21-27, 2015.

The article, The Other Side of Fracking, by Leslee Kulba was honest and interesting at it’s best. She laid out the lies the big non-profit organizations are using to scare people to death., and gave us some real answers. Fracking has been around since 1947 with no earth shattering bad results and it’s what we need to reduce our dependency on overseas gas and give our economy a giant boost.

The other article is, NASA Keeps Telling “Warmest” Lies, by Alan Caruba. His reporting is an excellent and believable presentation. He refers to the hundredth of a degree in temperature , that the Government bases the hoax of Global Warming on. We all know how cold these last winters have been .He also lays out the different branches of the government who are behind this fraud. I am so disgusted to read about the hundreds of millions of dollars being wasted on the “greenhouse gases” companies. The people who keep feeding us these lies think the American people are stupid. However, we deserve so much better and I thank Ms. Kulba and Mr. Caruba for exposing the lies with their welcome articles.

Peggy Bennett



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