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What Americans Must Know to Survive



Defending Ourselves against Political Delusions

Modern America is like the RMS Titanic. We are unmindful of delusional government policies, extraordinary negligence, and misguided priorities that are speeding us to national destruction.

The American middleclass and American workers have been losing economic ground for the last fifteen years. Moreover, the United States and most Western countries have been in an increasingly steep moral and cultural decline since about 1965. In the last two decades, we have been in a moral and cultural tail-spin. This spiritual and moral decline has undoubtedly blinded us to nation-destroying dangers, which have been exacerbated by delusional multiculturalism and the mind-numbing chains of political correctness.

Two overlapping national problems threaten the survival of our Constitutional Republic and the just law and order necessary for freedom, prosperity, domestic peace, and national security. They are out of control immigration and ignorance about the true nature of Islam. Here are twelve things Americans must know to survive:

Securing the border will not stop illegal immigration, if immigration laws are not strictly enforced at the employment place and the welfare benefit line, and foreign visas are not carefully controlled within our borders. Border control without strong internal control is a fraudulent promise.

Not only is illegal immigration out of control; legal immigration is out of control.

Excess labor supply, legal or illegal, drives down American wages and displaces American workers. There is no labor shortage, especially not of quality American science, engineering, and information technology workers. Foreign workers are simply much cheaper. Self-serving cheap-labor special interest influence on national immigration policy is destroying American workers and the American middleclass.

Amnesties do not stop illegal immigration; they multiply it.

The average unlawful immigrant household receives $14,387 more in annual government benefits and services than they pay in taxes. Making them legal increases this cost substantially, because they receive far more government welfare, healthcare, and retirement benefits, and because their low skills and educational levels still hinder their income levels and keep them in low tax brackets. Unrestricted immigration is foolish policy for nations with high social-welfare benefits.

Cheap-labor immigration policies are stacking the political deck in favor of Left-liberal government and against all conservative issues. It won’t take much more demographic change for permanent Left-liberal political dominance.

The Koran is held by Muslims to be the sacred word of Allah and is the basis of the Prophet Muhammad’s teachings. The violence of Islam comes from the Koran and the teachings of Muhammad. Islam is not a religion that has been hijacked by terrorists. The terrorism, violence, and pursuit of religious and political dominance over all other religions and governments come from the Koran and Muhammad’s teachings.

So-called “moderate” Muslims are really secularized or purely cultural Muslims. If “moderate” Muslims study and take seriously the Koran and Muhammad’s teachings, they are on the road to “radicalization,” which is simply fundamentalist Islam. Fundamentalist Islam is overwhelmingly dominant and severely represses any dissent.

Islam’s theology and doctrinal practices are completely incompatible with Judaism and Christianity. Many basic Christian doctrines, including the Holy Trinity and the divinity of Jesus, are blasphemy to Muslims. Blasphemy in Islamic Law (Sharia) is punishable by death. Even criticism of Islam is severely punished.

Very few American Muslims openly advocate terrorism, but polls indicate widespread sympathy for terrorists and imposing Islamic Law on non-Muslims. According to Pew Research (2013), 19 percent of American Muslims and 28 percent of Muslims worldwide believe suicide bombings to defend Islam are at least partially justified. This view rises to 26 percent among young American Muslims. According to NOP Research (2006), nine percent of British Muslims are radical Islamists, and another 29 percent would “aggressively defend” Islam. Approximately 80 percent of U.S. and Canadian mosques teach the radical doctrines of the Koran and Muhammad, including the supremacy of Sharia Law and violence against those who oppose the advance of Islam. Unfiltered Muslim immigration to the U.S. carries a high risk of violent cultural conflict and terrorism.

As Muslims reach higher percentages of a population, they become more aggressive. They have a doctrine called Takia that allows them to deceive non-Muslims to defend or advance Islam.

Muslim Brotherhood front organizations in the U.S are the source of immense propaganda campaigns to deceive the American public on the nature and goals of Islam. The Brotherhood is a founding sponsor of the Hamas, al-Qaeda, and ISIS terrorist organizations.

No promise by President Obama on lawful immigration policy can be taken seriously, and his unrealistic views on Islam severely hinder clear thinking on immigration, national security, and foreign policy.

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