Resident to form pro-police rally

Chad Nesbitt RSRS

Chad Nesbitt is one of the organizers of a pro law enforcement rally set for Thursday.

Former Buncombe County Republican Party Chairman and Leicester resident Chad Nesbitt along with former Asheville City Councilman Carl Mumpower are planning the “Stop Brutalizing Our Police” Rally.

“It is past time for average citizens to speak up against this politically motivated assault on our public servants,” the two said in a press release Monday (Dec 8). “Facts are being displaced with assumptions in a very dishonest manner at the local, state and national level. Our thin blue line is not in a position to speak against the misinformation campaign and too many media outlets are siding with a vocal and violent minority apparently indifferent to truth.”

The two go on to state in the release, “While it is true that black Americans are killed out of proportion to their numbers, it is also true they commit crimes dramatically out of proportion to their numbers. Paradoxically, each year 100 black citizens die at the hand of a law enforcement system that annually loses a similar number of its own.” Then they state, “These figures shrink in comparison to 6,000 black on black murders. Paralyzing our police with political correctness will do nothing to reduce that horrific and much ignored statistic.”

Nesbitt and Mumpower’s pro law enforcement rally comes as a response to a couple of recent decisions by grand juries not to indict police officers in high profile deaths of unarmed black citizens at the hands of police (one in Ferguson, MO and one in New York City), and the protests and violence that has followed. Ferguson’s Michael Brown died from gunshots from a police officer and New York City’s Eric Garner died from a ‘choke hold’ placed on him from NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo. Neither officer was indicted of any crimes and in Garner’s case, despite the NYPD’s policy against such holds.

While Brown’s death was the first of the two high profile cases, Garner’s death has certainly generated a higher level of concern about police force and the ability to hold them accountable since Garner’s only crime was selling loose cigarettes and told police that, “I can’t breathe.” There was also video of Garner’s death, which has also helped bring more attention to the incident, where as in Brown’s death there was none.

“Police are charged to keep the peace and respond to crime and aggression, not to diagnose motivations. Anyone not wishing to be harmed by an officer licensed in lethal force would do well to reconsider violence as a path to empowerment. Protesting voices have been notably indifferent to ‘be cool’ as a risk antidote,” Nesbitt and Mumpower said in their release.

The rally will be held from 12:15 to 12:45 this Thursday, December 11th on the City-County Plaza directly in front of the Asheville police station

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