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Notes on Understanding Immigration Issues


The Anti-Weasel Checklist – Part 1 of 2

How do we cut through the platitudes, bromides, weasel words, and issue-avoidance dances to identify political leaders and candidates who are informed, intelligent, and courageous enough to fight for immigration policies that will best serve the American people and preserve our heritage of liberty? Based on more than twelve years of study and writing on immigration, I have prepared a brief anti-weasel checklist that also sorts out the uninformed and misinformed

Securing our borders is necessary but not sufficient to stop illegal immigration.

Almost every political candidate, no matter how liberal or out-and-out Marxist, says they will enforce border security. Hence addressing border security alone is a common way of dancing around important immigration issues without really saying anything. Despite everybody saying they are for border security, nothing ever really gets done. If the candidate only addresses border security, he or she is either hiding a liberal position or is not well enough informed to be elected to or remain in high public office.

Almost half of illegal immigrants do not sneak across the border. They simply violate their work, tourist, or student visas and become illegal. A common method of illegal entry is to come as a legal agricultural guest worker and then skip out to take a higher paying construction job. Good candidates for public office should be willing to support a system of monitoring visas and enforcing the law against those who have violated our trust

The most effective way to stop illegal immigration is to turn off the employment magnet by enforcing immigration law at the workplace.

If the magnet is turned off, few will come, and most of those here will go home on their own ticket. If you want real reform, do not vote for candidates who do not clearly support workplace enforcement and programs like E-Verify to screen out illegal work applicants.

Our present national E-Verify law is weak. It needs to be strengthened and guarded from debilitating amendments favorable to cheap labor special interests. Better yet, we need a new, strong national E-Verify law. Some state E-Verify laws, e. g. Georgia, have proved very effective.

The original Federal E-Verify legislation was so weakened by amendments to please special interest political donors that many consider it semi-useless. North Carolina recently weakened its

E-Verify law to benefit special interests. Some state legislatures, heavily influenced by special interests, have gone so far as to issue driver permits to known illegal immigrants. The Oregon legislature passed such a bill, but the people demanded a referendum, and on November 4, the people defeated the Oregon legislature’s Measure 88 by 64 to 36 percent. Even the people of liberal states are getting fed up with lawmakers encouraging illegal immigration.

”That which we call an amnesty, by any other name still stinks.” Weasels will go to great lengths to disguise amnesty as something else.

The primary penalty for illegal entry into the United States is deportation. This is sometimes accompanied by fines or prison sentences. Anything short of deportation is amnesty. Unless an illegal immigrant has to go home, it is amnesty. Paying fines, paying some back taxes, or taking some English courses do not change the amnesty leopard’s spots. It is still amnesty, however much disingenuous politicians and special interests would like to hide the nature of their transactions in the shadows, away from the eyes of the people. Should small fines and paying back a portion of unpaid taxes make up for years of robbing American workers, small businesses, honest employers, and taxpayers of their daily bread by illegal and unfair cheap-labor competition? Are people who have committed forgery, fraud, identity theft, and tax evasion really good candidates for American citizenship? Amnesties do not stop illegal immigration; history indicates that they multiply it by a factor of two to three over 10-20 years. Amnesty for 12 million illegal immigrants could easily result in a tidal wave of 24 to 36 million more illegal immigrants. That would probably finish the American Republic and abandon her people to economic and social misery and totalitarian big government. Remember: Amnesties beget more amnesties and explode illegal immigration.

Solving the illegal immigration problem is not just a matter of balancing law and compassion for 12 million or more illegal immigrants.

What about the millions of American workers they have displaced? What about their families? What about the 130 million U. S. workers whose real wages have been depressed by our failure to put our own people ahead of cheap labor profits? What about the crime victims? Yes, we are importing higher crime rates! What about taxpayers? Does being a taxpayer make you fair game for continuous robbery? Where is compassion for law-abiding Americans who are suffering because of illegal immigration?

Watch out for those who say we have no choice but amnesty. This is a false dilemma.

They disingenuously raise the specter of rounding up millions of people and shipping them out in railroad boxcars. This is patent nonsense. Simply applying immigration enforcement at the workplace would reduce illegal immigration to pre-1986 levels within months, and in a few years most of those already here would pack up and go home at their own expense. The relatively small remainder could be cleaned up with consistently applied normal enforcement over a number of years. Securing the border and strict enforcement of immigration law at the workplace using a strong national E-Verify system are top priorities for immigration control.

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