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Mission gala raises over $575,000 for Children’s Hospital


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Mission Foundation today announced that the biennial Faces of Hope charity gala raised more than $575,000 for Mission Children’s Hospital.

The sold-out event was held Aug. 16, 2014, at the US Cellular Center. The funds, which benefit the children served by the region’s only children’s hospital, were raised through ticket sales, sponsorships and an auction in which donors purchased or gifted medical items and services for the children.

The Faces of Hope Wizard of Oz themed gala transformed the US Cellular Center into a trip somewhere over the rainbow. The event was directed and hosted by Charlie Flynn-Mclver. Attendees enjoyed an aerial performance by Blue de Leeuw and music from the Mission Health Choir.

During the very special auction, auctioneers Duke Domingue and Bird Barlett, shared stories with donors of how their generosity impacts the kids. Donors purchased hearing aids, pediatric cancer chemotherapy, chemoducks to comfort children during treatments, physical therapy tricycles, special needs car seats, Toothbus visits and dental surgery, asthma visits and much more.

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The Faces of Hope committee, along with Mission Foundation staff, worked for over 18 months on preparing this grand event that will have a lasting impact on healthcare in western North Carolina. Committee chairs were Eileen Hutchison and Barbra Love. Committee members included Lynne Brofman, Kali DeWine, Michael Forde, Jan Friedt, Amy Haldeman, Shawn Henderson, Lynn Kieffer, Marilyn Kincaid, Jill Lawrence, Lauri Nichols, Carlyn Pheil, Charlene Scharf, Margaret Sinnott, Janet Whitworth, and Janean Winitz.

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