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Meet Marty Katz—he is running for sheriff: Who is Marty Katz?

If you ask Marty what made him go into law enforcement, he’ll tell you, “I thought that as a police officer I could make others feel really safe –not just the illusion of feeling safe.”

It is this lifetime commitment to law enforcement, public safety and training that Marty says he wants to bring to Henderson County—his home for the last seven years. To quote Marty, “I was not lucky enough to be born here, but I was smart enough to CHOOSE to live here!” He and his wife, Marla, and their menagerie of rescued animals live in Edneyville. They have three grown children.

Marty believes that sharing his knowledge with the outstanding men and women of the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office will help make the community a safe place to live, work and visit. That is why he has entered the race to become the elected Sheriff of Henderson County. Since the current Sheriff was appointed, not elected, this is an opportunity for the residents of this county to actually choose the best qualified candidate for the job.

What are Marty’s concerns for the community of Henderson County?

Marty says that his first concern is the growing abuse of prescription drugs and illegal drug sales. He sees these problems stemming from drug addiction and illegal drug use reaching into every area of Henderson County and is the basis in many cases for domestic violence, home invasions, car theft, robberies and homelessness. Marty’s solutions for this issue involve working with the local pharmaceutical community and creating a Drug Diversion Unit to prevent prescription fraud and abuse. He believes that working with the District Attorney’s office and using forfeiture and racketeering laws, the police can seize the assets of criminals selling drugs in our neighborhoods. He would also use existing building codes, county ordinances and state statutes pertaining to nuisance abatement to clean up places where people congregate to sell and use drugs.

School safety is also a major concern of Marty’s. As a father of three, Marty understands that this is a concern of parents, grandparents and teachers. He knows that safe schools allow our children to learn in a secure environment and gives families peace of mind. Marty is also concerned about the recent increase in school shootings across the country; he wants to prevent that from ever happening here in Henderson County. To combat this potential threat, Marty would increase the number of School Resource Officers (SRO’s). He believes that as the Sheriff he should have a cooperative relationship with the School Board and work with them to discuss staffing options and seek funding grants to supplement the current SRO unit with recently retired law enforcement officers. He also would implement a Henderson County Safe School Program—a program designed to provide each deputy with enough information via their patrol car computers to act as an initial on-scene command post until supervisors and other resource personnel arrive on the scene. And, finally, he would provide enhanced training for all school personnel—training designed to help those in our schools keep our children safe day-to-day.

Other issues that Marty sees as critical here in Henderson County include the genuine need for accountability in the Sheriff’s Department. He has traveled the country teaching law enforcement accountability—a course he developed which is used around the nation by police chiefs, sheriffs and their command staffs. The accountability process he believes starts at the top and needs to regularly address crime trends and citizen concerns. The Sheriff and all of the members of the department should always be on the look-out for ways to improve services to the county’s citizens, local businesses and to visitors to Henderson County.

Marty believes strongly that a Sheriff should constantly reach out to the community and be visible and that citizens should know the names of the deputies and supervisors who patrol their neighborhoods. He has successfully implemented a program called “Park, Walk and Talk.” This is a custom designed program to meet the needs of each individual neighborhoods from Bat Cave to Zirconia to Mills River. It gets deputies out of their vehicles and into neighborhoods where they are one-on-one with you…walking and talking about what you value and what you see and you think needs to be done from your vantage point. And, yes, you got it; Marty will be out there walking with them!

When asked about what he is proudest of in his law enforcement career, Marty says, “I have over 50 letters of commendation from commanders and leaders of service organizations for everything from saving lives to high profile, armed arrests. I am also proud of the Department Accountability Program that I developed which is now used across the country; my autobiography, “Past the Uniform;” and, my contributions to the internet columns PoliceOne.com and PoliceCrunch.com.” He’s got a lot to be proud of, but you’d never know it when you talk with him.

So, who is Marty Katz?

“Martin Katz is the most qualified candidate for Sheriff of Henderson County. His education and experience is far superior to that of the interim Sheriff. Marty and I share many of the same goals for the future of our county,” says Michael Brown, former candidate for Sheriff.

“My recommendation of Marty Katz comes from my personal experience of 30 years of law enforcement in Henderson County. We need a true leader in the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office. We need someone who can restore what we once had:  the department members working together with and alongside  the other emergency services in this county. Marty Katz has the vision and skills to accomplish this,” says Tim Griffin, former captain in the Henderson County Sheriff’s Department and Lieutenant in the Hendersonville Police Department.

That’s what people are saying. He is the most experienced, qualified candidate in the race for Sheriff of Henderson County. He has the credentials to prove it, and the strong desire to put his experience to work for his fellow residents. He will bring 21st century policing techniques to make Henderson County one of the strongest sheriff’s departments in the state.

For more information on Marty Katz, visit the conversation and review the testimonials from around the nation on his Facebook page at http://goo.gl/gOn7tU or visit his website at www.electmartykatzsheriff.com or reach him at martykatz4sheriff@gmail.com.

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