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The recently-published commentary – inaccurate and misleading regarding Accenture


The recently-published commentary, “NC FAST – Too Many Eggs in One Basket,” is inaccurate and misleading regarding Accenture.


It is not correct that Accenture was hired to write the software used by NC FAST. Accenture was selected by the state of North Carolina through a competitive process as system integrator to help the State implement NC FAST, with software purchased by the State before selecting Accenture as its system integrator.


The piece also misleadingly references Accenture with regards to several other states.  It is not fair or accurate to point to a small number of engagements as an indicator of the company’s capabilities and reputation. Accenture is a leading firm in our industry, and is working on thousands of projects at any given time.  Large-scale IT projects are complex in nature and sometimes encounter challenges.  That is why such projects have production plans with various levels of testing and pilots and phased rollouts – to proactively identify and address issues as they arise.  What is most important is Accenture is known for collaborating closely with clients when they need to make changes and adjustments.


Accenture has a long and successful track record working with the State of North Carolina, and states across the country, on enterprise programs and system implementations.  We are working very closely with the State to see that the system will support effective delivery of social services at the county and state level over the long term, and stand behind our work with the State on this important project.


Kind regards,

Joe Dickie

Accenture Health & Public Service

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