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Edneyville Fire and Rescue’s New Life Saving Piece of Equipment


By Clarence and Mary Stepp- Recently Clarence and Mary paid a visit to the Edneyville Fire Department , to learn about a wonderful new piece of life saving equipment called the “ Auto Pulse “ this amazing machine is a portable automatic heart compression pump , that takes the place of manual CPR.

This amazing piece of equipment was shown to us by Deputy Chief , Robert Griffin , he explained to us that it was fairly new to the United States but other countries had been using it for some time with great success ! Edneyville Fire Department is the only Department in Henderson County to have purchased one, the only other one is owned by Henderson County EMS and it is carried on the main truck.

How it works , there is a half back-board with a large battery powered strap that goes over the victims chest. It takes 2 trained and certified techs to get the Auto Pulse machine hooked up to the victim in approximately 30 seconds , time is of the essence when the heart has stopped , the goal is to never let compressions lapse more than 10 seconds , so the beauty of Auto Pulse when installed on the victim who was pulseless continues the manual CPR being done so it frees up emergency personnel to get the victim loaded into the ambulance and to the hospital without interruption of chest compressions which could save their life ! You have to be EMT level trained and be re-certified every 3 months.

The Auto Pulse costs $16,000.00 all of which was raised in Edneyville Fire District by fundraising ,a large fundraiser was done by Jaymar Travel Park and the rest was donated by the Edneyville residents. The whole kit weighs about 25 lbs ,has a carrying case , comes with 4 batteries that can each run for 45 minutes.

Chief Griffin says all citizens should be trained in CPR it could mean the difference between “ life or death “!

Clarence and Mary would like to thank deputy Chief Griffin for taking his time out to show us this remarkable piece of equipment and to tell you all this just doesn’t help folks in Edneyville , they respond to any call of ” no pulse “, in the entire county!! As a matter of fact on our way to the Fire department for our interview we were passed by Chief Deputy Griffin on his way to a “no pulse “ call in Dana, so we patiently awaited his return so he could show us the actual “Auto Pulse!”

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