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Well-known columnist takes to the airwaves


By Clint Parker-Longtime Asheville Citizen-Times columnist Susan Rinehardt, who was let go from the daily newspaper just last year, is taking to the airwaves with a brand new weekly show appropriately named, The Susan Rinehardt Show.

The show will be a part of the 1350 WZGM AM line-up and plans are, if the show takes off, to syndicate it to other stations in the Southeast.

The show will cover a variety of topics including, but not limited to, interesting people, humor and anything topical in the news and entertainment and “anything I find interesting,” said Rinehardt. “I try to stay far away from politics.”

“Matt Mittan called me,” said Rinehardt of how the show got started, “asked if I’d be interesting in doing some radio, kind of like what I did in the newspaper for 26 years.”

So, how is Rinehardt liking the jump to the new media? “The medium seems to fit me, because when I was at the paper I would do podcasts…and for awhile we did videos…so I was just grateful when Leslie [Godbold] and Matt invited me.”

The show started airing this past Tuesday at 3 pm until 3:30 pm and will air every Tuesday. “So the moms and dads picking up their kids can tune in 1350 AM and listen to the latest, craziest, fun, informative show I have planned,” Rinehardt told the Tribune.

“I plan on bringing some interesting people and topics to the station,” she added.

Asked about what she’s been up to since the newspaper, Rinehardt joked, “Yoga,” adding I’ve really had trouble getting a full-time job and I think a lot of that is ageism…I think I’m going to start lying on job applications and telling people I’m 30 but just had a hard life and look older.”

While she might not have a full-time job, Rinehardt is not without work as she continues to write columns for local publications like “Sophie” magazine, and national publications like Esperanza. She also has written a book called, “Chimes from a Cracked Southern Belle” which she says is a best seller on Kindle Books.

Asked if it came as a surprise to her to be let go from the Citizen-Times after 26 years, she replied, “Uh, yeah! I was on vacation…I was sitting in my home office working on a project and some woman I never met or heard of said she was with human resources out of Greenville, South Carolina and could I come in and discuss my job.

“I thought, wow I’m getting a raise for the first time in five years. I went in there and I got my walking papers and there was about eight of us let go that day and none of our supervisors were told. So there was a lot of tears and some anger, but my momma told me to be better not bitter.”

From that shock, Rinehardt said she came up with a new motto, “When God shuts the door and tears off your toenails, another door opens and gives you a pedicure.”

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