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Saving the Republican Party


First Steps toward Saving America

By Mike Scruggs-By saving the Republican Party I mean saving the conservative party that emerged during the Eisenhower Administration, became more clearly defined during Goldwater’s challenge to Lyndon Johnosn in 1964, and reached full bloom during the Reagan Adminstration. It was a common sense conservatism from the heart of the people that was of, by, and for the people. I emphatically do not mean restoring the big-business-big-government party that prevailed prior to Eisenhower. Most grassroots Republicans today and most of the Republican members of the U.S. House are essentially Reagan conservatives. But the Republican leadership in the House is dominated by the old big-business sponsored faction that began to re-emerge in strength during the G.W. Bush years. It is this minority, representing no more than 15 percent of House Republicans, who are driving the Republican Party toward suicide on immigration issues for the benefit of their big business financial supporters. This same Republican minority also tends to cave in on other budget, economic, and social issues popular with the liberal media. The first necessary step to save the Republican Party and America is to replace false historical narratives and immigration myths with Truth.

Most Americans don’t seem to care much about history, and much of the history they know is a false narrative that suppresses the uncomfortable and politically incorrect parts of history that conflict with the dominant secularist media ideology. Few people know that during most of the nineteenth century the Democratic Party was the conservative party, upholding the Constitution and political ideas of the nation’s principal founding fathers. Today there remains only a trace of Constitutional respect within the Democratic Party, and Democrats now advocate government powers and economic and social radicalism that would make most of the founders seethe with the rage of betrayal.

The Republican Party that emerged from the collapse of the Whig Party between 1852 and 1856 was a Northern regional party that favored high protective tariffs for Northern industry, fiat money creation and dispensing political favors through a national bank, and commercial subsidies for the progressive modernization of the country (the North). The two main pillars of the Republican Platform in 1860 were raising the tariff rates for Northern industrial products and limiting slavery to the South. Of the two, by far the most important, said Pennsylvania Republican Thaddeus Stevens to a Republican rally in New York City on September 27, 1860, was an increase in import taxes. Stevens was an industrialist and one of the most powerful politicians in Congress. Limiting slavery was at least the start of a good idea, but that was not what the Civil War was really about.

Southern secession was a result of more than 40 years of Northern economic exploitation of the South through unbearable tariffs of which the South paid over 83 percent and received less than 25 percent of the revenues. Southerners correctly perceived that a Northern-majority Congress had little regard for the Constitution and especially the rights of Southern States. Southern secession and free trade, however, would have devastated U.S. (Northern) tax collections and shipping revenues. The Civil War was a War to Prevent Southern Independence and its economic consequences. The real spark that ignited armed conflict was Lincoln’s call for 75,000 volunteers to invade the South and enforce tariff collection. The so-called “Reconstruction” policies of the radical Republicans following the War were something only devoted Marxists could admire.

Many kind but uninformed people believe that the immigration issue is simply a choice between law and compassion, with most of the compassion given to illegal immigrants rather than the American workers they are displacing or whose wages and living standards are being depressed by massive importation of cheaper foreign labor. The Democrat Party favors this immigration because the low education and skill levels of these immigrants tend to make them low information voters favorable to big government and unconcerned about taxes. About 75 percent of them will be loyal Democrat voters.

Ann Coulter, in a February 13 article in Human Events, perfectly described what is going on with Democrat Party strategy:

“…Democrats haven’t won the hearts of the American people. They changed the people. If you pour vinegar into a bottle of wine, the wine didn’t turn, you poured vinegar into it. Similarly, liberals changed no minds, they added millions of new liberal voters through immigration.”

“Immigration is the ‘single issue’ that decides every other issue.”

Amnesty or higher immigration levels will mean permanent Democratic Party control and the defeat of every conservative issue.

But why would some big-business Republicans want amnesty and 30 million more legal workers over the next decade? That is because cheap foreign labor means about $400 billion in annual profits for the businesses and households that use them. Moreover, this is essentially a transfer of $400 billion per year from American workers and their families to the businesses that use cheaper foreign labor. (Borjas/Harvard). It is not about compassion for illegal immigrants “hiding in the shadows.” It is about greed and a total lack of patriotism and compassion for their fellow Americans.

In addition, state and local governments pay the lion’s share of an estimated $50 to $115 billion per year in fiscal costs to cover education, healthcare, welfare, and law enforcement burdens brought by illegal immigrants. (Rector/Htg.Fdn;; This represents in effect a public subsidy for employers hiring illegal immigrants. The profiteers from this outrageous injustice spend about $150 million per year to convince Congress, state legislators, and the public of the need for amnesty, more guest workers, and more legal immigrants to do “ jobs Americans won’t do.” Actually, there are very few jobs Americans won’t do. ( It is all about bigger profits for those who have cast patriotism and compassion for their neighbors who need work and income aside, all the while shedding tears about the poor illegal immigrants. About 75 percent of illegal immigrant workers are guilty of identity fraud, identity theft, tax evasion, and other document fraud, for which ordinary Americans would be imprisoned or heavily fined.

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