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Charles Taylor hosts 21st Annual Holiday Dinner


Charles Taylor dinner

Charles Taylor discusses issues with Beth Pickelsimer at the Holiday Dinner held at the Crowne Plaza on Saturday. L-R: John Conlan, Former Arizona US Representative, Charles H. Taylor, Host, and Beth Pickelsimer.

By Dasha Morgan-Saturday night Charles Taylor, a former Republican congressman from Brevard, hosted his 21st annual holiday dinner in Asheville. The Expo Hall at the Crowne Plaza was totally filled with guests, many elected leaders and dignitaries from all over the state, including U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows, NC 11, and N.C. Rep. Nathan Ramsey. Charles Taylor with his wife, Betty, and their family members were there, mingling and meeting their friends and guests. The dinner presentation paid tribute to members of the U.S. armed services, past and present, including Retired Lt. General Fred McCorkle, USMC. Lt. Governor Dan Forest, who is the state’s first Republican lieutenant governor in more than 20 years and the second since 1897, was the master of ceremonies and introduced the speakers.

Four North Carolina Republican Senate candidates running in the Republican primary came to present their point of view at this Holiday Dinner, which is said to be one of the largest political gatherings in the state. All the candidates present were given four minutes to introduce themselves to the public and to present their message. Greg Brannon, Bill Flynn, Rev. Mark Harris and Thom Tillis all spoke–in alphabetical order. Gregg Brannon spoke on life and liberty and the need to continue to fight for these basic rights given to us by our Founding Fathers. Bill Flynn said “Our country is being lost before our eyes, and it is the duty of a patriot to protect this country and send Kay Hagan home.” Mark Harris said that he believed that “we need to rekindle our vision of a strong America….One thing that Ronald Reagan taught all of us about building a strong America. He said it’s like building a three-legged stool. You have got to have a strong domestic agenda, a strong foreign policy, and you have got to have strong traditional values. Thom Tillis, who is the current State House Speaker, talked about the track record of the state legislature in the last three years, including lower taxes, fewer regulations, and more responsible spending. All gave short lively and forceful presentations. However, many of those present expect there will likely be a runoff election to see who will take on Democrat U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan next year.

Principal Chief Michell Hicks of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and the Cherokee Boys Club Director, Ray Kinsland were both recognized for their amazing achievement in building the Cherokee Central School, which was dedicated last week, as well as the establishment of the Cherokee Boys Club. They both acknowledged the help they received from Charles Taylor in this effort. Congressman Mark Meadows spoke, saying we must “not let government have an endless credit card, running up the debt. I won’t give up on this fight….. North Carolina is critical. We must do our part…..We must fight to get our country back.”

Jane Whaley spoke about the Holocaust Museum in Spindale, N.C. and she thanked Charles Taylor for his help in bringing this project to fruition as part of her mission with the Word of Faith Fellowship. The museum today includes over six hundred pieces of art, created by students of all ages. Every piece in the Holocaust exhibition is handpicked to tell the story and to bear witness to the history and evidence of the Holocaust and the Jewish people. The exhibition has traveled extensively with holocaust survivors sharing their eyewitness testimonies of the atrocities they suffered.

Operation Toasty Toes had a display to explain their mission of sending knitted items to the Armed Forces stationed overseas. Mrs. Patricia-lee Pirog in Flat Rock can explain and assist you if you would like to join in this meaningful effort. Go to for further information. In addition, the Buncombe County Republican Women’s Club had a table where donations of personal items and money could be given for homeless veterans.

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