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Offended by Criticism of Don Yelton

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By HK Edgerton-Those of the Republican Party leadership and those who were offended by the remarks made by Honorable Don Yelton on a nationally televised program in which he remarked about Whites and lazy Black folks as it relates to voter registration should have instead applauded him for having the courage to say what many Black and White folks feel. Unfortunately, Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show is hardly worth anyone’s time and attention and certainly should not have been given the credibility it was.

I am personally offended that anyone would deem Don Yelton as anything but a brilliant, hard working soldier for all the people of the City of Asheville, Buncombe County, the State of North Carolina, and especially the Republican Party that he has served so honorably. And I will stand by his side against anyone who calls down this man that I have leaned on so many times to help the underprivileged and me to understand issues that affect their lives.

No sugar coating is the realm of truth that Don operates from. He is a philanthropist of huge proportions who has helped the Red, Yellow, and Black folks of this community in ways that are immeasurable. It is ludicrous for anyone to insinuate that having to secure an ID is somehow a racist act or discriminatory towards black people or any people. Moreover, by calling the voter ID law racist, the left is claiming that race is connected with ID possession. The left believes and promotes the stereotype that races other than white are more likely not to own a photo ID. But there are no statistics to prove what race has more ID. And in Georgia and Indiana where ID’s were recently required, voter registration has gone up dramatically.

Actually, it is in fact highly racist to accuse anyone of any color or background as somehow not being smart enough to get an ID in three years. Talk about being racist! It is the liberal left that should be ashamed of themselves.

The shame is that the Republican Party does not have more folks in their midst who will stand up and say what they think versus being cowards to political correctness. And they would do the Party and themselves proud if they rescinded the resignation of Don and tried to find a way for him to run on a National or State ticket.

Having said the above, should this Party not treat Don in a more kindly manner, I will leave it, and encourage other Blacks to do the same.

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