Legislating morality


By Kevin King –
Managing Editor

There is often a charge from the left that the right is attempting to legislate morality. They believe that the right lets their religious and moral convictions guide their policy. For the most part, they are correct. However, they are also guilty of high hypocrisy.

See, the left has their own moral crusades as well. Think for instance of environmental legislation such as “green” taxes. They charge extra taxes to use a plastic grocery bag, in order to negatively impact and change the behavior of those without the moral inclination to act as “green” as they do. Organic foods are morally superior, fossil fuels are immoral, so on and so forth.

Then there comes an impasse. A place where both lines of legislated morality meet, and often shows the hypocrisy of both sides. In capitol buildings across the United States, those who wish to protect unborn children are met head-on by those who wish to protect unborn sea turtles. Many of these clashes are met with votes down party lines. Welcome to the absurdity of modern politics.

Today’s political culture has become that of thirty-second soundbites and one-liner slogans. It is much simpler to be pro-choice and pro-sea turtle than it is to establish a firm foundation in the absolute. Adhering to natural law is dangerous because it gives very little leeway in uncomfortable situations. By subscribing to a fluid man-made version of things, you can absolve yourself of the ethics and morality of say, legalized genocide of your own species.

Is there irony in a liberal raising awareness to genocide in Darfur while supporting the systematic removal of socioeconomic classes in America? After all, 40% of abortions are African-American (while making up 13% of the population) and the overwhelming majority of abortions are performed on low-income folks. For instance, in North Carolina, liberals support the Racial Justice Act which throws out any death penalty case in which the jury did not adequately reflect the demographics of the area. Wouldn’t you say that 40% is disproportionate to a 13% population? Where’s the racial justice in that?

If a pickup truck drives down a beach in south-eastern North Carolina, it might crush a dozen or so unhatched loggerhead turtles. Every day, nearly 3,000 “unhatched” children are killed, but somehow that is on the other end of morality for those on the left.

The only saving grace for our “evolved” society is to break through the campaigning for some common sense. If the right believes that all life is sacred, they should vote unanimously to save the whales (which to their credit, they do more often than not). Conversely, the left must treat human beings the same as spotted owls. Life is life, and though babies may be more politically complicated, they are life nonetheless.

Commonsense might be permanently lost, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be a revival of sorts. Both sides must come down from their moral high ground to educate the masses in a commonsense message. Polarity is getting the country nowhere, and the juxtaposition of the absurdity involve discourages the average voter beyond belief. As the Beatles once said, let’s “come together, right now.”

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